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Jawad Shaikh | Executive Director | Avelead

Jawad Shaikh: Integrating Innovation to Boost Healthcare

Though every sector needs disruption, not all are bound to get one. It requires more than just a vision but an innovative ideology capable enough to make a breakthrough in the traditional methods. A perfect leader comprehends real-time situations and attempts to implicate better ideas for the better growth of the business as well as the community. Meet Jawad ShaikhExecutive Director of Avelead, as one such exemplary leader who put forth exceptional contribution in the healthcare sector. His unique ideology and ways have paved the way for him and his company to achieve its current stature, accomplishing many milestones.

“With the right leadership and the right technology, you will achieve the right results.”

Perfect Blend of Skills and Experience 
Being the Executive Director of Avelead, Jawad always focuses on managing strategy, growth, and operations. He earned his technical leadership skills by investing his 20 years, serving clients in a variety of capacities, including innovation, architecture, engineering, and promoting Healthcare Information Technology. Prior to Avelead, he was the Founder and senior partner at Accision Health (before merging with Parallon Technology Solutions). His vision, broad technical expertise, and talent to solve critical business needs have been a vital asset for bringing healthcare to the 21st century and helping deliver results for several clients nationwide through Avelead.
Living life with a Purpose 
Jawad had to face many challenges in his life, and one such was Cancer. In the year 2014, he was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer, which changed the way he looked at his life. He states that treatments, doctor visits, and all the ups and downs made him realize how essential it is to live a life with purpose. He has worked in the healthcare industry for almost 20 years but seeing the healthcare system in action as a patient gave him a different perspective for the modernization of healthcare technology. He firmly believes in keeping his work and personal life separate. He delegates his time by scheduling out his workday minute by minute to maximize productivity. At the end of the day, he refuels himself with his four favorite people: his wife and three kids.
Embracing Advancements 
Jawad addresses the fact of technology being the forefront of critical business operations, and it’s a surprise that the healthcare industry hasn’t evolved as much as other major industries. Technology is imperative for health systems to maintain not only clinical efficiency but also reduce overall cost and sustain revenue integrity. Avelead’s goal is for healthcare systems to utilize its MBAT SaaS Platform Software for this process efficiency and automation.
Innovation from Avelead’s team is vital for being a true disruptor. To make Avelead’s team of leaders most capable and focused, Jawad uses a scoreboard and game clock method. By setting clear, transparent, and measurable goals with targets, he allows his employees to do what they do best while providing support, guidance, and direction.
Avelead has taken strides to revolutionize processes in healthcare by looking at the big picture: before the automation of technology can take place, current performance needs to be evaluated and brought up to speed. For example, Avelead’s MBAT RevID software is the only solution available on the market to automate daily charge reconciliation for healthcare revenue cycle. This also simultaneously organizes and reduces revenue leakage for years to come. Jawad believes and states that it is the goal of the company to be the most forward-thinking technology choice for every healthcare organization.
Advice to Rely on 
A great leader is a clear communicator who actively supports their team while recognizing their accomplishments. A leader’s goal should be to set a good vision for their team to learn, develop, and grow towards,” says the Co-Founder of Avelead.
He also expresses that a team is essentially an extension of its leader, so it is quite essential to build, delegate and trust your team sooner rather than later. One thing we all have the same amount is time. The only way to create more time is to replace yourself; do this by delegating and trusting your team to get it done.
A Glimpse into the Corporation 
Avelead is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. It provides robust methodologies and innovative software technology to implement, maintain, and optimize healthcare clinical and financial systems. Avelead has utilized it’s MBAT SaaS Platform and consulted with more than 200 hospitals and health systems nationally on their clinical, financial, and operational performance. Jawad and his team leverage their client’s current investments with their new systems and Avelead’s proprietary technology to improve revenue integrity, procedural workflow, and overall clinically driven revenue cycle optimization.
Later he adds, whether healthcare systems are ready to implement new systems or considering which solutions are right for them, Avelead can help make sense of all the available options out there. The company can team up with client vendors or in-house IT teams to offer assessments on independent vendors, pre-sales considerations, integration, and data migration services; it’s one of Avelead’s specialties.
Avelead offers an in-depth understanding of issues faced by care providers, revenue cycle experts, information systems professionals, and health system executives that can only come from experienced, leading-edge talent. “We don’t stop there; we continually stay current on healthcare regulations and standards – with the appropriate certifications and credentials combined with industry and departmental specific experience,” states Jawad.