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Jared Bauer: Changing the Medtech Community for Good

While growing up in Twin Falls, Idaho with his eleven siblings, Jared Bauer learned firsthand the value of an honest, hard day’s work. Mr. Bauer learned to embrace both good times and difficult ones from his parents. In this way, he has long been drawn to the challenge of “turnarounds.” Mr. Bauer’s impressive track-record shows he has a real knack for it, which he humbly attributes to correctly identifying and solving the most pressing issues to get a company back on the track to profitability.
With his undergraduate degree in Economics and a MBA, Mr. Bauer has specialized in medtech turn-arounds for the past eight years. With a cool, calm and collected approach to identifying the most crucial elements to resolve, he has successfully navigated public and private medtech companies through complicated issues with founders, shareholders, former management and legal issues. His commitment to transparency is the key to earning and maintaining support from stakeholders and team members alike. Furthermore, Mr. Bauer operates with a “bad news first” mentality to ensure no critical issues unintentionally go by the wayside. All of this goes hand-inhand to prioritize those issues that need to be resolved first.
A Passionate Leader
Improving Lives of Others Jared Bauer is personally and professionally passionate about helping and improving lives of others through his service in the medtech industry. He has dedicated nearly a decade to the global medtech industry.
In 2012, Mr. Bauer founded Exuro Medical and acquired BurnFree products. At that point, BurnFree was riddled with legal issues and had not shipped any product for approximately six months. By primarily focusing on regulatory processes and re-working quality systems, Mr. Bauer piloted Exuro Medical into the second largest burn treatment company globally with distribution in 58 countries. He then successfully exited Exuro Medical.
In early 2017, Mr. Bauer identified an opportunity to acquire a technology mired in legal issues and acrimony that he used as the basis for founding ApolloDx, an in vitro mobile point-ofcare diagnostic medtech company, and CibusDx, a food safety company. As the Chief Executive Officer for both companies, he has heavily invested in refining the rescued technology. As a result of his prescient vision of the best path forward, ApolloDx and CibusDx are both now poised for commercial success.
In mid-2018, Mr. Bauer was appointed as Interim Chief Executive Officer and Director at ProLung, which is focused on helping accelerate physicians’ diagnosis of lung cancer. With his keen eye for identifying solvable impediments to success, Mr. Bauer re-organized the company and re-adjusted its corporate strategy. He has been rewarded with strong shareholder support as the company moves forward.
Mr. Bauer was also invited to serve on a committee selected by the Governor of Utah to help the state further expand and improve its burgeoning medtech community. Salt Lake City specifically and Utah in general have been fortunate to cultivate a rich, diverse medtech industry over the years that includes everything in-between some of the largest medtech corporations to medtech start-up’s. The Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) recently published a report detailing the incredible contribution medtech community makes to the State of Utah. In fact, Utah trails only Massachusetts and California for the size and health of its molecular diagnostic and precision medicine community.
Working Endlessly to Improve Children’s Life throughout the World 
Mr. Bauer and his wife of fourteen years, Sarah Bauer, are incredibly proud of their ongoing work as trustees of The Oliver Fund, which is a non-profit organization. They co-founded the organization with the aim to improve children’s standard of living and sense of community in underdeveloped countries. The organization was started in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Bauer’s deceased son Oliver who was born with a heart defect and died on Valentine’s Day 2009 just one day shy of eight months old. The influence that Oliver’s life had on his family and those who knew him was profound. Now the Oliver Fund tries to recreate the light that Oliver brought with him by working to improve the lives of children throughout the world. The Oliver Fund believes all children deserve to be served with the playtime they need. Solutions to these issues include giving children healthy diversions that allow them to learn and grow through physical and imaginative play. Simple sporting equipment, such as indestructible soccer balls, durable jump ropes and dolls allow children to learn team building, community involvement, and create a sense of ownership. The Oliver Fund’s fundraising efforts are focused on purchasing these items to send to regions around the world where children have little to no access to these amenities and education.
When the Plan is to make a Positive Difference for Patients 
As a long-time contributor to the medtech industry, Mr. Bauer is passionate about making a positive difference for patients – not just in the USA, but around the world. He envisions that he will always want to continue helping shareholders and investors who have encountered significant obstacles in bringing their innovations to the global healthcare market. While he is the first to admit that he does not have all the answers, he firmly believes that with the right team he likes his chances of breaking down the issues from most to least important to solve in order to succeed.