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Jacqueline Best, Founder & CEO, Predominant Studios Inc.

Jacqueline Best: Instilling Rectitude in the Music Industry

When pneumonia seemed to ruin the signing ability of Jacqueline Best, which was her favorite activity to do, she thought to herself, “If I can no longer do what I love, which is to sing, at least I can help others; attain their dreams.” These words acted as Jacqueline’s initial roots to establish Predominant Studios Inc.

As the CEO, Jacqueline is dedicated to her work to such an extent that the first thing she does in the morning is scour the internet and various publications for the current market trends. She updates herself on Billboard and charts worldwide, viewing statistics and industry analytics that helps her to gauge where the future is the music industry is headed. Jacqueline takes her artists and builds them from the ground up by going knee-deep, mentoring, and leading them towards an equitable future.

Jacqueline’s work in the music industry shifted tides, changing how recording artists are signed with fair mind, equality, and understanding. However, it wasn’t an easy ride to become a successful entrepreneur; Jacqueline’s journey led her through different fields, following an unconventional path that began in her childhood.

Jaqueline was fond of singing and playing clarinet, piano, and percussion as a child. She was a mischievous kid who also enjoyed horseback riding, making tree forts, and shaving her brother’s head while he was asleep. She also spent time playing in the cow and daffodil fields, swinging in the maple trees, and eating everything that was chocolate.

The Lessons Throughout

Running around in her dad’s workshop for Bakers Supply House and Sterling Flavors in Victoria, BC, at the tender age of four, Jacqueline keenly watched the hardworking people, massive boiling kettles, and large vats. She attentively listened to her father’s business calls as he tirelessly was always on the phone conducting business operations, becoming an inspiration for Jacqueline. She recalls enjoying bottling and labeling, lending a helping hand to the business, creating core memories for life.

Unfortunately, in 1993 when Jacqueline was seven years old, her mother passed away from a brain aneurysm. She expresses, “It was a vivid night for all of us. Shortly after, my father had many illnesses that could have prevented him from being successful in business. My father never leaned on government assistance, always worked hard, and never gave up. He ran many successful businesses from Bakers Supply House in the 70s to Vanilla Blossom Flavors in 2013, in which my brother David Best had taken over and grown into a very successful vanilla and spice manufacturer.”

Jacqueline’s grandfather, Jim Mace (John Mace), served in WW2 in the Royal Air Force, as a Ball turret gunner in England, serving on the Queen Mary ship, now parked in California. Her grandfather built several businesses, from real estate to box manufacturing plants. She reminisces, “he had a kind nature of treating all with respect, no matter their job title. Grandpa believed that if you treat everyone with great kindness, care, and attention, that same positive energy will flow into your business. I truly believe that my family and early childhood experiences shaped me into who I am today.”

The Life Ahead

Soon after grade school, Jacqueline went to have children young and was pregnant with her first child at 19 and conceived her fifth by the age 29 with the same father. She says, “We are not together today, but we co-parent well now, and they reside with me full-time.”

Jacqueline worked and attended Sprott Shaw College for Business Management and E-Com throughout these years. Later, she went to Royal Roads University, where she was accepted for her Masters of Arts of Environment (having a strong interest in environmental and seismic architecture) alongside her working experience at Saanich Peninsula Hospital as the Environmental Manager. Jacqueline had a large staff in a union setting. She ran the health and safety program daily staff meetings, facilitated hospital outbreaks during flu season, and kept diligent records.

Unfortunately, Jacqueline couldn’t complete the program at the time as she was now a single mother of five, with a full-time job and obstacles in life that came with taking care of so many young children. The nurturing of the kids came first, and she chose to carry on with her master’s at another time.

Jacqueline was a guest coordinator for Tim and Mary Boyle and worked at the local recreation center Westshore Parks & Rec as a maintenance worker, cleaning, assisting with events, and was a net girl for hockey games with the Grizzlies hockey team in Langford, BC.

Your Dream, Our Creation

Predominant Studios Inc was made possible by the partners and people who truly believed in Jacqueline from day one. Shelby Roofing gave her first business loan to start the process of building and branding. Vanilla Blossom Flavors helped cover her corporate legal fees to ensure the venture was protected and incorporated. She asserts, “Without them, it wouldn’t have been possible.”

Jacqueline states that the Pooch App network (a unique social media app for all dog lovers) has also invested in Predominant Studios. It enabled the steps to build a reputable, long-term, rewarding brand that changes industry standards to fairness and equality for music recording artists and contracts.

Jacqueline is grateful to Won Agency Management Vancouver & Cliff ‘Cdawg’ Wise (Predominant Studios’  Director of A&R) for tirelessly working all year long with Jacqueline to develop Predominant Studios. As well,  Jacqueline is grateful for the contributions of Ashanti Wright. Senior A&R, Blockchain Solutions Architect, and many more, like producer The Real Richie Rich, Kali (Ron Lewis), producer C-Lance, and Keep It Sticky Athletics, who promote Jacqueline’s label to the hip hop industry.

Predominant Studios is also thrilled to announce that Chris “Glove” Taylor has joined Predominant Studios as Chief Technical Officer. He has a stellar and well-documented track record, producing for all-time greats and legends in hip hop, including Snoop Dogg, Ice-T, Ice Cube, Xzibit, and the uncredited song California love with Tupac Shakur.

Predominant Studios help facilitate independent artists. Jacqueline notes, “While maybe we don’t have a spot for them as a signed artist, we do offer services to help make them more successful and help navigate them through the complicated stages of the recording industry. There are a lot of music industry scams out there, and we want to help protect as many people as possible.”

Jacqueline believes that it’s okay not to have 100% control in the music industry. It’s okay to allow artists to stay true to who they are. which is why Predominant Studios based its core values as:

  • Fairness;
  • Kindness;
  • Trend-Setting;
  • Inspirational;
  • Trustworthiness; and
  • Integrity

Predominant Studios Inc. has impacted the music industry in a rising fashion, having competitors watch their every move closely. Jacqueline shares, “We have recording artists, yes! Even some signed to major labels asking and inquiring about  being represented by us/buying out their contracts or asking us to help them renegotiate their terms. Many seem to be unhappy with how much is being taken from them. How must they sign all their rights away for their intellectual property? They want to come to Predominant Studios. People have heard about us through friends, our website and Instagram pages. Artists have been calling from everywhere, such as US, Canada, UK, Australia, and Latin America. We have had editorial and journalist contacting us like crazy wanting to know about our business process.”

The work culture is essential at Predominant Studios, as the team is the first contact point for the artists and their representation. It continuously strives to listen and understand before replying. We remain kind, uplift and inspire artists and anyone who connects with the company. “Our culture is rooted in positivity, supportiveness, and all our team members are like-minded individuals. We all share the same personal core values as well as professional values. We are, after all, “Predominant,” and we must always live up to that title,” explains Jacqueline.

Reinventing Norms

Predominant Studios is creating fair contracts that allow the artist to feel valued and have a say in how it, as a label, projects them and their music. Jacqueline notes, “We feel artists’ intellectual property should be treated no differently than a business. You wouldn’t sign 50-100% of your intellectual property away, or would you? Most do for the chance to be seen in the competitive industry. It is very unfair for the artist, and we believe that allowing them to keep more of their profits in their own pockets, as well as a say on the results of any music or press publications, is very important.”

“This goes for copyrighting as well, while we may own copyrights on projects we make with the artist they always and forever will have a choice to buy them at and meager cost or to share co-copyright. At every step the artist is included. No decisions are made without their prior consent. We hope that others will eventually follow by leading the way for fair contracts. On top of fair contracts, there is also the change in how the music is being heard. The old is cool again, especially in Hip hop. As our tag line reads, “Redefining the new generation of music,” we are mixing the old with the new to give our listeners a new generation of music. There’s no need for greed in this industry, and there isn’t a limit to talent in the world,” clarifies Jacqueline.

Heading Into Future

Jacqueline expresses that Predominant Studios Inc’s visions are well known and well respected within the music industry, with strategic alliances with other labels and service providers. With trendsetting and making significant moves in the sector, Predominant Studioswill be considered the next major music label. It hopes to set a new stage for artists, partners, and clients. Predominant Studios is scouting locations for its state-of-the-art recording studios in Canada and the United States.

Tiding Tunes

“You are too brilliant to be working this type of job,” “the world needs a powerful woman like you,” “Don’t go buy that 5-dollar Starbucks coffee, don’t spend frivolously. Whenever you feel the need to buy something that is NOT essential to your daily living, put that impulse buy money into a jar and forget about it. Do it every single time!”, “You are an inspiration to single parents.”

These were the several pieces of advice that stuck with Jacqueline, shaping her career that she never forgets and hopes her children can learn from them.

Jacqueline shares her guidance, “Many of us have doubters. They could be friends; they could be family. My one great piece of advice to any budding businessperson: it is always to be true to yourself. No one’s walking in your shoes, and no one else is going to be stuck with the decisions that are made for the rest of your life, but you will be. Make sure those decisions are for you & your family. Do what you love, do what makes that fire burn in your soul. Don’t go scouting for personal advice on your career path, just do you.”

“Someone’s always got something negative to say that leaves doubt in your mind. Do not listen to the haters; eventually, they will be your biggest fans. “If you’re comfortable, it means you’re not growing, and idle hands create idle minds, and that can lead to unhealthy living. Stay focused, sleep when you’re dead, and party when you are already established and successful,” Jacqueline concludes.