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Ivymobility: Transforming Merchandising through Cloud Computing

Consumer Goods Manufacturers and Grocers nowadays are deliberately employing disruptive technologies to meet the heightened consumer’s demand and adding agility to their services. A new generation of computing is disrupting how consumer goods are merchandised, displayed, priced and stocked on shelves. Lines between manufacturers, distributors, retailers and consumers continue to transform and require manufacturers to deploy a new set of solutions to thrive in a direct to consumer economy.
Packaged Goods Industry is facing numerous challenges; Digital consumer is one of them. Digital consumer is shaping the move to Omni-channel which empowers the consumer with more products choices, reviews, information on promotions, and product availability with traditional physical shelves and digitally with CPG companies directly. To provide best possible services to support multiple channels of distribution, companies are adopting customer-relationship management software built to suit vertical specific requirements and enable companies to engage with its potential customers in better ways. To gain efficiency in business operations this feat needs a precise CRM solution. Recognized by leading analyst firms including Gartner and industry publications Consumer Goods Technology, Ivy Mobility is a CRM solution provider which is powering the CPG industry by delivering applications through multiple cloud apps.
Evolving Vision 
Founded with a vision to develop preferable software for the mobile workforce Ivy Mobility launched into the market in 2002. Since its inception many multinational companies have trusted on Ivy solutions for a wide range of work functions using mobile device technology. These best in class mobile device technologies have helped many companies to increase revenue, shorten sales cycles, improve customer service, and enhancing employee productivity. Five years ago, the company decided to focus on cloud solutions for the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry. With this new approach the company quickly introduced new products, for Retail Execution and Direct Store Delivery, and are currently available using a Software as a Service (SaaS) model.
An Instrumental Leadership 
Rajiv Prabhakar, Founder and Director of Ivy Mobility have a extensive experience in consulting and resolving business problems. Rajiv is instrumental in delivering solutions to transform the sales, and distribution operations of CPG companies, enabled by cloud solutions. Before founding Ivy, Rajiv has delivered his expert guidance from Gap Inc Direct, Internet Movie Retailing pioneer, CMOS Soft in the Bay Area to Pyramid Business Systems in Singapore. In addition to this, Rajiv has advised over 100 businesses to increase market share by solving challenges with product placement, stocking, pricing, and offer promotional discounts to drive more category performance.
Innovative Offerings 
By way of new technologies, Ivy’s vision is to be the finest customer centric provider in mobile solutions, and empower the customers through software to improve work by using any device, at any time and in anyplace.
Ivy seeks to digitalize all processes related to the information flow for route to market, for consumer good product manufacturers and distributors, via a Software‐as‐a‐Service (SaaS) and artificial intelligence available in the cloud.
Cutting-edge Capabilities 
Ivy Industry Cloud is a single unified platform for Consumer Package Goods organizations and includes sales, delivery, merchandising, distribution management, and analytics. To make it more reliable the company is embedding Artificial Intelligence to power automation and insights. With it, customers can predict which SKU should go on which shelf and in what quantity.
The company has developed a solution for industry-specific business processes for the Consumer Goods Industry; the Industry Cloud. Its applications are available on the Salesforce AppExchange Marketplace. Today, Ivy’s solutions enable over 45 manufacturers and distributors in more than 29 countries to realize the benefits of modern cloud-based architectures and mobile applications for their route to market business functions.
While describing about its customer relationship management the company officials state that “We offer best in class professional services and product support to our customers. The customer relationship management solutions empower the customers to increase the productivity of their field sales force.” The retail execution solution enables customers to transform operations by reducing out of stock situations and improving promotion performances. This is the unique capability to support a global enterprise with a single system by adding Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in the applications.
Industry-specific Solutions 
Ivy’s solutions provide industry-specific process support, robust functionality which includes built-in workflow processes, rules, and best practices specific to the Consumer Goods Industry. Everything from the user interface, support for industry regulations, to the product’s nomenclature is industry specific. Businesses are relying more heavily on vertical solutions to address the demands of current economic climates and are looking forward to take advantage of the next generation of the technology. Ivy serves some of the leading consumer goods companies Rajiv Prabhakar Founder & Director in the world. It builds industry-specific software delivered in the cloud and offers multi-functional capabilities to meet the vertical needs of consumer goods companies. It helps organizations to overcome challenges in routes to market the customers face today and tomorrow.
Ivy solutions use the Salesforce Platform, combined with their own proprietary technology. In addition, to effectively support customers the company offers the option of using Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure. It has designed specific applications for mobile device platforms; which support Android phones and tablets, Apple iPads and phones. The company also intendeds on developing more capabilities to support Windows tablets and phones too. Ivy believes the data generated from its industry-specific applications can provide unique insights that can be incorporated into its solutions, further increasing the value of solutions.”