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ITWorksME: The Most Advanced IT Company

ITWorksME provides various IT services. They have IT maintenance where a company contract them as the IT support for its IT infrastructure. They also have a second department, the “Online Department” that provides various services starting with shared hosting, dedicated hosting, DDoS protection, CDN service for static content, CDN service for streaming live streaming and video on demand. They also have VOD Platform, which is one of the most advanced platforms for video on demand with various capability stream recording, stream editing, mobile delivery, mobile feeds and transcoding.
ITWorksMe was founded by Dominic Halajian, CEO and Salloum El Dahdaah, CTO. The background of the founders is a bachelor degree in Computer and Communication Engineering “CCE”. Their aim was to create a new experience in IT for companies, where they woudn’t have to worry about daily IT related problems. They both have 10+ years of experience in networking, security, servers, storage, hardware and infrastructure. The “startup business” has become the hot topic in the business world, so, both the founders recommended some tips for them- “Dream, work, and achieve”
Innovation is known for Stability
From day 1 customer satisfaction was the main aim on which they focused the most, and this is the key for any business to succeed. They also maintain good products, customer satisfaction, and provide support services for increased satisfaction. The team of ITWorksMe believes that transparency and honesty with the clients is one of the main key factors of success. Their products are highly innovative, however, they don’t launch any product without proper testing since they believe that stability is key.
Employees are the Pillar of the Company
ITWorksME endeavours to become the leading IT Company in the lebanese and MENA markets and advance IT infrastructure regionally. All the while increasing the efficiency and productivity of the customers by improving the way they work. They believe that employees are the heart that drives their company, so they strive to satisfy them and create a stimulating working environment for them. Moreover, they continually work on providing the right return on investment for their investors to ensure constant growth.
Every company has their own set of objectives which defines their key values. Likewise, ITWorksME has few goal oriented objectives described below-

  • To maintain the highest level of ethics in their business.
  • To serve all the technological needs of their customers, and ensure their satisfaction.
  • To ensure that their customers only receive the best quality service from our company.
  • To uphold an organization that is always flexible, results oriented and never bureaucratic.
  • To be highly efficient in everything that they do.

Professionalism and Objectivity
Going through the needs of the clients, their motive is to provide unbiased and truthful consultancy as well as a multitude of services that give customers the solution which matches their exact needs; to diversify their range of services and expertise to serve as much of the client’s needs as possible without compromise to the high level of skills they offer. To fulfill this, they will represent buyers and sellers with the highest degree of professionalism and objectivity.
They are working on a new innovative product that will change the way companies look at user engagement. The new platform on which they are working on, will create a real engagement between users and products. It will be a real meter for companies and media for engaging.