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ITSourceTEK: An Award-Winning Leader in the Information Security Industry

The business IT panorama is increasingly getting disrupted due to the onslaught of Cloud, Data Science, AI, and IoT adoptions on both consumer and enterprise side. Hence, the talent community is keen on securing their destiny by moving to Cloud and other latest techs to ensure their employability for a decade or even more. As more and more companies will embrace Cloud Technology and the number of connected IoT devices will multiply exponentially, security issues will also increase. Hence, the security landscape is now changing because of this digital presence. Recent cyber attacks have demonstrated that more innovative hackers are adapting to unique ways to evade security. Since invaders are rapidly improving their IT knowledge, organizations should focus on custom solutions and pre-emptive approaches that can protect their data and integrity. The factuality of the current scenario is that businesses need an expert that can provide strategic business and technology based cyber security solutions that leverage enterprise investments and improve efficiency to meet stringent compliance standards.
ITSourceTEK is an award-winning leader in the Information Security Industry with extensive real-world experience in leading and supporting organizations spanning across many industries. The company is on a mission of shifting business security to high gears: ultimately driving productivity and innovation.
A Serial Entrepreneur Changing Security Landscape with Broader Vision
Brian Arellanes, Chairman, Founder, and CEO of ITSourceTEK has drawn on more than 18 years of experience providing solutions and services for leading Fortune 500 companies as well as major government agencies. He is currently an Advisory Board Member of the International Consortium of Cybersecurity Professionals (ICMCP) and has received 2015, 2016, & 2017 HITEC 100 award for being one of the most influential Hispanic Executives in technology. He is an award-winning leader in the Information Security industry, specializing in data security from compliance through to the actual protection of the data.
Brian has served as Chairman on the boards of a renewable energy company, as well as, a water conservation technology company; setting the vision for and leading CEOs, reporting to shareholders, in addition to fundraising, governance, and other board-related duties. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in HR and Business Management from California State University, Chico, and completed the Advanced Management Executive Program at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Business as well as the Executive Management Program from the University of Washington Michael G. Foster School of Business.
“ITSourceTEK embodies my vision of a diverse and creative solution to advisory services, one that stimulates innovative business concepts, models, and technologies, while promoting diversity in the workplace and giving back to the community,” says Brian.
Revolutionary Spectrum of Services
ITSourceTEK services arsenal includes Data Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) Support, Data Encryption, Masking, and Tokenization, Threat Detection and Policy Enforcement, DNS Security, and Cloud Security Strategies and Solutions.
ITSourceTEK provides data security and business optimization solutions centered on understanding what data is sensitive, creating data protection strategies with policies, and enforcing those policies via automation and technological advancements. It has compliance and data security solutions that range from Governance, Risk, & Compliance (GRC) to Finance & Accounting to Procurement to Operations. It helps organizations address a broad range of business challenges surrounding protection of data, including the need to meet regulatory requirements of HIPAA, SOX, PCI-DSS, GDPR, and other challenges like using SaaS providers and moving to Hybrid and Cloud based systems.
The Talented Mindsets ‘Waging the waves of Excellence’
ITSourceTEK thrives on diversity and talent. Their employees come from a variety of diverse backgrounds and cultures. Embracing differences helps them to build an environment that stimulates original thinking and creative problem-solving. Their solutions have an eye for leveraging the best in data science and modernized approaches so that they can best arm for their clients with the highest impact solutions available. This leads to easier implementations of solutions along with significant ROI’s while solving their compliance and security requirements. Thus far, the company has exceeded their clients’ expectations with exceptional service while using success to give back to charities and the community.
“Our team has extensive real world experience in leading and supporting organizations spanning across many industries, especially ones with strict regulations, like healthcare,” asserts Brian.
Paving the way into Healthcare
ITSourceTEK’s biggest challenge is helping their clients recognize that change in approach is required to be successful in today’s ever changing landscape. They’ve approached this by showing that the past way of solving compliance and security hasn’t been working, which has led to the compromise billions of sensitive records. Healthcare has the highest number of records that have been compromised through the end of 2016. Their journey has been fun as they are focused on educating their clients on why a data-centric approach is necessary. Because of their unique style, they have been recognized as leaders in the space, like their 2016 Award as one of the Top 10 Healthcare Compliance Solution Providers and their most recent award for being the 2017 Minority Cybersecurity Company of the Year.
Let Awards do the Talking
ITSourceTEK has won numerous accolades on several prestigious lists. The company has been recognized as one of the 10 Most Promising Healthcare Compliance Solution Providers by Healthcare Tech Outlook magazine.
Minority Cybersecurity Company of the Year, 100 Fastest Asian American Businesses in the USA by USPAACC, Top 500/5000 Businesses in the USA by Inc. 5000, 100 Fastest Growing Hispanic Businesses in the USA by Hispanic Business Mag, HP Supplier of the Year 2013 & 2015 by NMSDC are few among many jewels in the crown of ITSourceTEK.
Successful Clients with Front-Runner Strategies
The company has a long-term approach, not a quick deal mentality. Therefore, they are truly interested in their clients’ success. Hence they take their time to ensure, and they only represent the best solutions while advising them. They listen to their customer’s top concerns and then guide them on how best to address them as well as provide advice on any areas that they may not have prioritized, but they feel are important. Taking this collaborative approach has been well received and leads to long-term success for their clients.
Future Insights
“Our team, ecosystem of partners, and amazing clients are what I’d frame as being the best parts of ITSourceTEK. The sum of all the parts equals success: we will continue to succeed by keeping this mix of talent and thought leadership,” assures Brian.

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