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ITsavvy: Best in Class and the Fastest Growing Holistic Cloud Solutions

When Insights Success wanted to take a peek into the growing future of cloud, ITsavvy came to the rescue with inspiration. The company is based in Illinois and has offices all across the country. ITsavvy is inspirational for many reasons, including its state-of-the-art data centers in Illinois and New Jersey and its Network Operations Center. However, these facilities alone have not earned the tag of ‘the fastest growing cloud business solutions’ for the company. ITsavvy has demonstrated true leadership in the cloud industry by strengthening its core engineering capabilities in the areas of Cloud, Security, IT Lifecycle Management, Configuration Lab, and US-based Network Operations Center and Help Desk.
One of the biggest strengths of the company is its visionary approach to solving the core challenges faced by client organizations. Many companies are often unsure when it comes to adopting cloud solutions. Many top executives realize the potential of cloud but they don’t know how to implement the solution. In order to solve this challenge, ITsavvy takes a careful approach to ensure the transition is extremely smooth and efficient. The company makes it a top priority to take a holistic view of the client’s organization, from applications and infrastructure, to backup and disaster recovery, to user productivity and client engagement.
A Broad Minded Leadership That Engages Ideas Every Day
Any discussion about the visionary leadership at ITsavvy would be incomplete without the mention of the executives. ITsavvy is led by Mike Theriault, CEO and President of ITsavvy. It has also been enriched by the presence of its visionary Vice President of Cloud Solutions, Joe Llano. Mike believes that it is essential for cloud companies to take a holistic view ofthe client’s business in order to offer a perfect solution. Joe agrees and states, “I often find that many organizations have a narrow and fragmented view of the cloud. Perhaps they have brought me in to solve one challenge, but more likely that challenge is a symptom of a host of underlying issues. I listen and assess before proposing a solution. That’s how you get to the cloud as a strategy.”
ITsavvy has committed substantial resources to develop best in class cloud solutions. ITsavvy’s unique solutions are designed to help clients achieve all their objectives. For example, many cloud companies merely repackage Azure and AWS in order to attract clients. However, at ITsavvy, these solutions come to life as the company offers an entire range of cloud computing opportunities. These include on-premises, colocation, public, private and hybrid solutions. ITsavvy also builds and supports, its own cloud infrastructure in two Tier-3 data centers to support client needs.
A One Stop Shop for Cloud Solutions
Investing in cloud infrastructure requires organization leaders to come up with solutions to every imaginable circumstance. Many times, organizations require the use of various competing cloud services which require seamless integration with other cloud platforms. Unsuccessful planning of these challenges can set organizations back in valuable time and effort as compared to its competitors. This challenge inspired ITsavvy to enter the cloud market.
In the current competitive cloud era, a single provider should ideally be able to service all of the client’s needs, but few are able to do so. As a result, ITsavvy has positioned itself as a partner which can execute across the entire data center infrastructure stack by acting as a value added partner for all cloud infrastructure needs. The approach and mindset at ITsavvy is fostered to design effective solutions for its clients. As part of this transformation, engineers at ITsavvy develop cloud solutions (either ITsavvy’s own cloud, Microsoft Azure or AWS) to help clients realize their technology and business objectives every day.
Delivering Value with Innovation
Disruption has become the new norm in every competitive industry. The Cloud industry is not an exception to this rule and the leaders at ITsavvy are keenly aware of this fact. When ITsavvy was initially launched, it was inconceivable to imagine that the company would collaborate and compete with the likes of Azure and AWS. However, the company has set its sights on building value for its clients and it takes on these challenges by walking down the road of continuous innovation.
One of the primary challenges of cloud adoption is the simplicity of the cloud experience. This is what continues to separate cloud companies and paves a path for distinguishing tomorrow’s industry leaders. ITsavvy is on its way to finding a spot at the top with a vision that is thorough and extremely effective. According to Joe, “I want to ensure that our clients can compete and thrive. With the mix of cloud solutions to choose from, it can be overwhelming for clients to plan and implement on their own. We recognize that and want to make cloud solutions easier to adopt. That makes all the difference regarding the results and overall client experience”.
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