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Nilesh Kuvadia

ITCG Solutions Pvt. Ltd.: Empowering Customers and Partners with Cost-effective Solutions

In today’s digital world various technologies and systems are all connected. All the valuable data is stored in these systems. Securing this information becomes critical, especially in the world where various big network systems are interconnected. This valuable information is at risk due to various security threats. These security threats could be malware, viruses, ransom wares, theft, cyber threats, trojans, hacking, and so on. Therefore, every organization faces the need of a trusted cyber security solution provider.
ITCG Solutions Pvt. Ltd is one very good and trusted cyber security solution provider. It is a Single Source to all Licensed Software. It is one of the leading companies in Gujarat that provides end to end solution for all your IT Infrastructure Support and management needs. Nilesh Kuvadia is the Founder Director of ITCG Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Driven by Mission and Vision
Nilesh’s Passion towards doing a business of one’s own led to the inception of ITCG Solutions Pvt. Ltd. with a mission and vision as below:
Mission: “To be an organization which keeps on delivering sense of satisfaction to its employees, customers & channel partners by practicing values like transparency, integrity & accountability” ITCG has always strive to ensure customer delight in its transactions whether it is a sales transaction or a service transaction. Its system in the company is completely transparent which leads to confidence to its sales as well as support employees to decide how they wish to close the transaction.
Vision: “To become the most preferred IT product & services organization by empowering customers & partners with latest technology, cost effective solutions & premium support,” ITCG’s Vision statement complements its mission statement. When ITCG practices values like transparency, integrity & accountability, it would automatically lead it to become most preferred IT Solutions partner delivering premium support for its customers as well as partners.
Licensed Software Solutions
ITCG Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is into Infrastructure Management and Support which covers products that caters to IT infrastructure of any company. ITCG provides solutions that covers Licensed software like Microsoft, Adobe, Autodesk, Oracle, Corel, Trend Micro, VMWare, Veeam, eScan, Symantec, etc., Distribution of Storage Solutions like QNAP & InfoTrend, thin client solutions like Ncomputing & finally the most important Security products like SonicWall, Sophos & TrendMicro. Apart from all the above products, ITCG provides Services like – Facility Management Services, Mail Migration Services, Server Support Services, GDPR Compliance, ISO 21000, IT Security Audit.
Security Solutions Expert
Mr. Nilesh Kuvadia is a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and has more than 25 years of Experience in the field of Information Technology. His domain expertise is into IT Infrastructure Management Solutions, Software licensing solutions as well as Security Solutions.
Nilesh truly believes that life is full of things to learn and so long as we keep an open mind with a happy heart, they are rewarded with knowledge, solutions and some amazing experiences along the way. With this simple mantra, his quest for travel, learning, and an undeterred faith in a power bigger than ourselves, has led him to following his instinctive call. And so, he decided to pursue his keen interest in spirituality and chose to indulge life that enables him to do so along with business, while his background & passion for technology helps him enhance professionally, socially & spiritually.
Combating Cyber Security Threats
Experts at ITCG states that, in the current era of mobile phones, Wide Area Networks, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Big data etc, people are extensively connected to the whole world to an extent that it doesn’t realize that one’s day to day lives are becoming more and more exposed to cyber space. Right from the morning till night, everything is being tracked and recorded somewhere in the google network. Privacy itself is a challenge due to GPS trackers available in handheld devices. Hence all the data is getting accumulated in the Cyber space. It is very important and essential for the IT industry to secure people’s data from cyber threats. Hence to combat such threats, ITCG Solutions have focused on products like SonicWall, Sophos, Trend Micro, eScan, etc that helps providing cyber Security to a great extent. Apart from the products, ITCG also provides services around Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Test (for IPs that are exposed to the Cyber World), GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance for the organizations, Security Audits for devices within the organization, License compliance Audits and consultation around it.
Extending Worldwide
ITCG’s future aspirations are to provide Cyber Security services beyond the boundaries of India and extend it to the world. Cyber Security is such a vast subject that many solution providers like ITCG would be required to cater to the super increasing need on security for all the organizations be it a micro, small, medium or large enterprise.
To achieve ITCG’s aspirations, it has started joining hands with companies who are present in other countries so that they can refer ITCG and expand their portfolio of services using them as a partner. Such alliances are win-win situation for both the parties. The companies with whom ITCG plan to join hands would also be benefited by its domain expertise and at the same time, it will be able to have a higher reach.
Trusted Software Products
“Nilesh, ITCG Solutions has been providing valuable products & services in our bus cycle of Software products. They have provided quality inputs and also helped us with right selection. Rishabh and ITCG has relationship since more than two decades. We have always trusted Nilesh for all our software products purchases.” — Mr. Raju Shah, CEO, Rishabh Software Pvt. Ltd.
“I am very glad to inform that ITCG Solutions has been providing us Software Products and Services to NetWeb Software since past more than 15 years. We are not only happy and satisfied, but also appreciate the consistency of their quality deliverables and services in the IT market. ITCG has always assisted us in our IT, IT infrastructure implementation and management requirements including Information Security Management. They have always been adding value through their quality support and services. We are very happy to refer and recommend ITCG Solutions Pvt. Ltd. to our clients, associates and friends for their products and services. Thank you for your continued support and services. Wishing you and team at ITCG very best.” — Maulik Bhansali, CEO, NetWeb Software.