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Italian Roots: How To Rediscover Your Heritage By Relocating As A Citizen

Having your roots in another part of the world makes you different. But the truth is that you aren’t alone. Did you know that more than 17 million Americans have Italian ancestry? That’s what the census statistics say! You may want to reclaim your roots at some point, right? The sooner, the better!

It’s a great way to reconnect with your heritage and pass on your legacy to your loved ones. Not surprisingly, in 2023, many Americans applied for Jure Sanguinis in Italy to start from the basics and embrace their culture, heritage, and lineage.

The best part is that getting Italian citizenship by descent is a breeze, provided you know the immigration laws and get expert assistance. Let us explain how you can rediscover your heritage by relocating to Italy as a citizen.

Start with research

Although the Italian immigration law allows anyone with local roots to claim citizenship by descent, it takes a lot of work. You need to understand the eligibility requirements, exceptions, steps, and timelines to set realistic expectations for your immigration journey.

For example, the rules may differ if your ancestor was a female. Likewise, the process may take longer than you imagine if you make a mistake at some point.

Sort your paperwork

Just saying that you have ancestral connections in Italy does not make you eligible for citizenship. You need to prove the fact with proper documentation.

Expect the process to be long and daunting because some documents, such as your ancestor’s birth and death proof, have to come from their commune in the country. You must procure them in time to avoid getting in a fix with Italian bureaucracy.

Collaborate with experts

This is the best advice you can follow when it comes to reconnecting with your roots and claiming your rights. A citizenship expert can show you the way from start to end, from ensuring eligibility to checking your documents and staying in touch with the local authorities.

They can also do the heavy lifting of the paperwork and legal steps of immigration while you are in your home country.

Embrace the culture shock

Relocating to your ancestral land has several upsides as you get to meet your family and know them better. But the cultural shock factor is always there because of a different language, customs, cuisines, and work practices.

Embrace the shock and consider it a part of the adventure. You’ll surely love it if you adopt the right mindset!

Think long-term

Jure Sanguinis does more than entitle you to Italian citizenship. It also lets you pass on the rights to your children. Imagine passing on one of the best passports to your kids and the next generations. They get it automatically when you become a citizen.

But you will have to complete some formalities to facilitate the process for your spouse and family. Think long-term and complete the process sooner than later.

Going back to your roots is an incredible experience. The best part is that Italy lets you do it as a citizen. Take advantage of the right, and make the most of it. You can bequeath it as the best legacy to the next generations. Follow this simple guide to unlock the treasure!