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Jens Lund | Managing Director | IT-Serve Seamlessly Managing Your IT Needs

Information Technology (IT), since its advent, has changed the way people work or even play. The disruption found some companies swiftly adapting to it, some struggling with it and some perishing due to lack of adaptability. IT initiated a change that is still rolling and seems to be unstoppable. To adapt, companies need to be agile and sustain an infrastructure that is future-ready. They need specialised IT service and support provider who offer solutions for seamless transition; right from cabling infrastructure to managed helpdesk and enterprise level support.  For companies in Dubai and, the choice is unanimous –  Founded in Dubai in 2001, IT-Serve was established to cater for a gap in the market for a reliable, western educated and qualified IT service and support solution. Since then, the company has been supporting clients in establishing their IT infrastructure.
In the following Interview with Insights Success, Jens Lund, the Managing Director, divulges details about IT-Serve and its services.
Briefly describe your company and its vision.
IT-Serve is a privately-owned IT Support and Services company formed in 2001. Today we are proud to boast a 50+ strong team of IT engineers who thrive on rolling up their sleeves and solving your IT problems. Our vision is to exceed client expectations and be the most preferred Managed Services Provider in UAE- and this filters through everyone; from our Dubai-based IT Helpdesk Engineers through to our Managing Partners.
Brief us in detail about the services/solutions/products your company provides.
IT-Serve has emerged as Dubai’s best full-service, IT support company.
We provide comprehensive IT solutions to all business sizes, across all industries, as we firmly believe that IT is a requirement for all. Our services include IT Support, ICT, AV, Security Consultancy, IT Infrastructure, IT Solutions, Managed IT Services, AV and CCTV
What are the current trends in this market and give us your views on what can be the future.
The trends in IT keep changing with new and disruptive innovations and technological advancements. At IT-Serve, we are looking forward to the following developments:

  • Cloud Based: to have access anytime anywhere.
  • Data Security: Cyber security and keeping company data protected.
  • Wireless Solution: Go wireless
  • Proactive Disaster Recovery: Ensuring we provide a Backup Plan
  • User Experience- ways to optimize the User Interface.
  • Out-Sourced: Provide IT Staffing Options
  • Technology as a tool -less focus on the actual software you own, but how tech can help your business.

Brief us about you, your role and what according to you makes this company unique.
I have been with IT-Serve since 2001 as it’s CEO, later as the Managing Director and have spent past 27 years in Dubai. With more than 35 years of experience, I am still as passionate about technology and sharing knowledge as I was when sold my first piece of software in 1982.
IT-Serve has been going strong for almost 20 years and we believe that the next 5 years will provide even stronger growth. IT-Serve has over 50 professionals that are passionate about helping our clients with Technology, especially focused on how Technology can help grow their business and increase their profitability. What makes us unique is the kind of International experience we hold, combined with our regional presence and local understanding.
What are the benefits your clients are getting that make them to choose your company over your competitors?
As service providers, we make sure that our clients can count on their IT at all times so that they can hit their targets and deliver results. Our clients benefit from the fact that we:

  • Are passionate on preventing issues
  • Take responsibility
  • Believe in honest and open communication
  • Have the ability to interact using multiple channels
  • Understand the mind of the Customers
  • Share regular reports on performance
  • Reorganize our Technical team around the Customer
  • Design & manage our Customer’s experience.
  • Have wide experience and skill sets and are responsive.
  • Welcome customer feedback and improvise

What company culture you are following that keeps your employees motivated and makes them grow along with you?
At IT-Serve we have created a vibrant company culture where ideas can blossom, people can thrive and success can flourish. We maintain this culture effectively by:

  • Pay your people what they are worth
  • Provide them with a pleasant place to work
  • Offer opportunities for self-development
  • Foster collaboration within the team – Team Collaboration
  • Encourage learning and upgrading self-knowledge. Passion for Technology

What are the advancements you are going to make in your services/solutions/products in the near future? Or what new services/solutions/products are you going to introduce?
At IT-Serve we are on a mission to exceed client expectations and that can happen when we are a step-ahead and abreast with the latest advancements. To ensure the same we are looking forward to:

  • Increase regional reach
  • Closer collaboration with manufactures
  • Innovative IOT solutions
  • Introduce new collaboration tools

Also, we are currently focussed on the Expo 2020 Dubai. IT-Serve is the IT provider for a number of pavilions at the Expo 2020 Dubai, including the Danish Business Pavilion.
What are the achievements and recognitions you have achieved over the years? Seamlessly Managing Your IT Needs