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Yvonne Wilcock Managing Director

AdviserPlus: Boosting Performance, Delivering Success

An organisation is as efficient as its people. Happy, content, productive, efficient and high-performing people are the key to a business’ success. Organizations, aware of the same, take all measures to ensure that the work atmosphere is upbeat and inspiring for its employees. And to help them develop such a work-ecosystem, AdviserPlus is a name to reckon on.
A Human Resource(HR) business run by HR people, AdviserPlus brings in the data, technology and expertise that an organization needs to improve people performance, and thus drive business performance.
The following interview showcases how the company works with client organisations to make it happen. Boosting efficiency, minimising risk and proving organisation success.
Briefly describe your company and its vision.
AdviserPlus is an HR business run by HR people. We’re 300 experts who share a passion for HR; and today we pass on that expertise to some of the UK’s biggest brands to ensure their core HR policies are applied efficiently and effectively by their managers, enabling their people to focus on creating value for the organisation.
Brief us in detail about the services/solutions/products your company provides.
We provide HR technology, advice and guidance, consultancy support, learning and development and data insights.
Technology: From software that streamlines ER case management, to online knowledge portals accessible 24/7 that empower your line managers, and analytics that deliver actionable insight – our technology drives more effective employee relations and more strategic business decisions.
People: Access the right support, guidance and coaching at the right time. We have the one of the largest cohorts of ER expertise in the UK who, through a combination of technology, training, expertise and data insights, currently support 75,000 managers and 500,000 employees across our clients.
Data analytics: In addition to our technology solutions, which include a suit of dashboards covering operational, governance and business MI, our analytics team work with HR leaders to pinpoint improvement opportunities in areas such as absenteeism and employee performance, as well using insights to drive smarter workforce decisions and wider business strategy.
Learning and Development: Flexible training to improve your people managers’ performance and give them new skills – and new confidence in managing their teams. Our HR learning and development courses help line managers to take ownership of people issues – and take the right action, at the right time. Each course is led by an experienced HR trainer and can be tailored to suit your organisation’s specific needs.
What are the current trends in this market, and give us your views on what can be the future.
Without doubt, technology will play an ever-increasing role in supporting both HR functions and line managers to be more efficient and effective. All the HR Directors that we talk to recognise the vision of managers increasingly self-serving using technology to support them to manage their teams effectively to help them to attract and retain the best people.  The HR team will then support with the more complex cases and use data analytics to identify opportunities for people performance improvements across the business.
The move to self-serve isn’t about shifting work from the HR team to line managers, it’s about empowering line managers to be more effective managers. Giving them the digital tools and the skills to manage people issues early and informally will ultimately mean less work for them and a much better experience for their team members.
What are the benefits your clients are getting that make them to choose your company over your competitors?
AdviserPlus offers solutions to support organisations at every stage of their journey. In everything we do, we believe in enabling HR leaders to make greater impact across their organisations by improving people and business performance.  We have over 18 years’         experience supporting managers and HR functions and have the specialist capability and       insight that brings together a unique perspective to HR transformation, supporting HR            leaders across a wide range of challenges.
What company culture you are following that keeps your employees motivated and makes them grow along with you?
We work as hard to exceed our employees’ expectations as we do our clients’. That means developing, motivating and inspiring each other – and creating an enjoyable, flexible working environment built on mutual trust, collaboration and a passion for delivering great results for our clients.
What are the advancements you are going to make in your services/solutions/products in the near future? Or what new services/solutions/products are you going to introduce?
We are constantly looking at ways of improving our services and we’re focused on ensuring our core products offer an even stronger proposition to HR teams. Our HR Case Manager and Knowledge Portal software is particularly popular as organisations look for more opportunities for employees to use self-service tools.  So, we’re looking at ways to empower managers further through these channels by developing intuitive, easy to access self-service advice and guidance in a way that gives the manager, the HR team and the business assurance that they are managing people in a consistent way in line with their own policies and processes. We’re also making our internal processes faster and more streamlined through cloud migration. Improving our own technology in tandem with the software and services we provide to our clients is one of our top goals for 2020 and beyond.
What are the achievements and recognitions you have achieved over the years?
AdviserPlus has won a number of awards in recent years including at the Personnel Today and PPMA awards. But more than these industry recognitions, what makes us most proud is the feedback and recognition we get from our clients. We regularly conduct customer satisfaction surveys and are delighted that 96% of managers recommend our advice line services and 92% of users advocate our employee relations advice and guidance. This means our services aren’t just helping HR functions be more efficient and effective, but we’re making a really positive difference for line managers as well.
About the Leader:
Yvonne Wilcock is the Managing Director of AdviserPlus. Before joining the business in 2015, she worked for over 20 years in several Blue Chip organisations in the Banking and Telecomms sectors. Her own first line manager role came early on in her career and was in a customer service contact centre environment. She moved into HR in the mid-1990’s and instantly felt as though she’d found her vocation. And that is where she’s been ever since, working her way up from HR adviser to HR Director, and now Managing Director of a HR solutions company.