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iSymplify: An Expert in the Process of Technology Simplification

iSymplify is a business communications agency which focuses on delivering telecommunications, cloud services, unified communications & mobility solutions. They educate their clients on the marketplace and technology options while supporting them in making informed business decisions.
iSymplify’s primary focus is on customer service – working collaboratively with their clients to guide them through a well-defined methodology to evaluate, negotiate, assess, and procure cloud-based technologies and services in an unbiased manner. Outlining the pros and cons of each option, they guide their clients to the ideal technologies and vendors, while leveraging their partnerships to create a custom-tailored solution.
Since virtually every customer is unique, iSymplify delivers cloud solutions – including public/private/hybrid cloud solutions, cloud-based voice, data and network services to multi-unit, businesses across North America. They have a proven track record of connecting business with technology and have connected tens of thousands of network nodes for global, domestic corporations and state governments during its tenure.
A Strategic Consultant 
Lorie Burkemper is the President and Founder, has spent her career helping businesses with strategic technology consulting – including voice & data solutions, UCaaS, CCaaS, SDN & hybrid networking, cloud compute, IT and wireless services.
Before iSymplify, Lorie played an essential role as Client Development Manager at Cybera – where her responsibilities included lead development, partner recruitment, client consultation and managed data & security options. She also oversaw strategic accounts, funnel management and territory management. After leaving Cybera, she served as an Account Manager at CompuServe Network Services – providing ongoing customer care and implementation support for a number of Fortune 500 companies.
Unbiased Services 
iSymplify helps businesses perform more efficiently by leveraging cloud services to reduce costs or meet new business challenges. Their clients value their experience, market knowledge, and ongoing support in migrations from traditional networking and on-premise technologies to the cloud. They also help organizations find the right solutions for their business at the right price.
Most importantly, iSymplify supports enterprise organizations navigate their design, proposal and implementation process, while providing an ongoing customer relationship that exceeds expectations. With a deep understanding of a wide range of technologies, they deliver unbiased recommendations regarding telecommunication, mobility, or cloud communications projects customized to the client’s unique business priorities.
Currently, iSymplify supports their clients with projects focused on improving customer experience. They deliver an omnichannel customer experience to re-design business workflows in order to optimize supply chain, asset, and inventory management. It is working on improving data analytics and focusing more on informed business decisions. The technology, services and knowledge base is unprecedented.
The Consultative Approach
For almost a decade, companies were focusing on the key business and technology trends like cloud enablement, digital business transformation, and customer experiences. With those trends in mind, iSymplify designed solutions and experiences that facilitated easy migrations that deliver successful business outcomes.
With a technology-agnostic and carrier-neutral approach, the iSymplify’s team of experts works collaboratively with the clients to meet their business needs, often as an extension of its IT team. it is this focus on delivering the best course of action that has proven ideal for both short and long-term solutions.
With over 200 technology partners, iSymplify can assist a wide range of business verticals. With the help of combined relationships, they manage a wide range of technologies such as voice/web collaboration, networking. With the trend of moving from on-premise solutions to cloud-based solutions, iSymplify has spent the last few years helping businesses navigate this often-difficult landscape – particularly in the cloud computing, IoT and AI, disaster recovery, security, and blockchain sectors. From discovery & sourcing to implementation & management, they guide clients through every step necessary.
Talking about the processes within the company, Lorie says “We’ve learned that listening and really digging in to find out what our client’s goals and needs are as early as possible is critical to success. We’ve developed our process to make sure we can uncover those business needs and challenges – then stay engaged throughout the entire process.”  Further ensuring client success, iSymplify is continuously investing in education so it can offer the go-to resource for CTO’s. With resources being continually stretched thinner, they also support IT teams through education – allowing them to stay up to date with the latest trends and technologies in an unbiased and affordable manner.
Future Planning
iSymplify’s long-term plan is to work ‘Arm in Arm’ with its clients to strategically map out technologies that drive execution & adoption while building out their practice to provide additional coverage across the US. They are also rapidly growing their team to provide additional resources in the IoT, data analytics, AI, and cloud managed service sectors – positioning them to help businesses augment teams with these new areas of expertise.
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