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iSupport Software: Solutions Fit for Future Technology

With a very long and interesting history of success, iSupport Software is running fast towards chasing its future dreams, accomplishing them one by one with every single milestone. It was iSupport who in 1990s introduced email ticket submission, live chat, and browser-based support portals. This legendary work has not stopped even today. With an average of two major releases of the solutions each year, iSupport’s large R&D investment is going on and on.
iSupport Software has provided help desk software and customer services to businesses of all sizes and industries worldwide since its inception. iSupport is a privately held corporation operating from its headquarters in Vancouver, Washington. Its core product iSupport includes incident management features as well as ITIL-based problem and change management functionality, integrated knowledge and asset management features, customer self-support, and more.
Offering its solutions to customers which include IT help desk and customer service operations worldwide, in all types of industries including finance, education, government, and healthcare, iSupport provides world-class support and innovative solutions that are continually evolving as technology evolves.
iSupport Increases Efficiency Through Automation
iSupport offers its services to clients with the most simple to the most complex processes, in a way that saves clients time and money. Products and services offered by the company have three important characteristics. First, they are completely configurable and scalable to meet the needs and workflows of different sizes and types of organizations in any industry. Second, they enable collaboration to occur more efficiently, consistently, and completely by utilizing the many ways that people communicate (social media, chat, text, discussion forums, email, etc.). And last but not the least, they combine low cost communication channels with automation such as data source integration, email processing, templates, and easily-configured rules for productivity and efficiency.
As is observed, the best products and services offered by a company are the proof of its best assets, and that is the employees. iSupport Software employees have extensive experience and provide support and guidance to customers and others. Recently iSupport published a new ebook, The Complete Guide to the IT Help Desk: Everything You Need to Know and More. It covers lessons learned after 24 years in the help desk/service desk industry.
Daren Nelson, Visionary Behind iSupport Software
A visionary who speculated features such as email ticket submission, live chat, and browser-based support portals, iSupport Software’s CEO and Founder Daren Nelson started the company, GWI (Groupware Incorporated) Software, in 1992. Since that time Nelson has been a pioneer in the development of collaborative help desk solutions including the first shrink-wrapped help desk solution for Lotus Notes, the first browser-based help desk application, and the first IT help desk application developed entirely with the .NET Framework. He focuses heavily on corporate values, constant software improvement, and innovation.
The Challenges Faced by IT Industry from the ‘Master’s Point of View’
When asked about the challenges faced by the IT solution providers today, Daren shared, “The biggest thing can be the latest trend or the standard of the day; a lot of money is spent by marketing teams to make us all think the next big thing is here. With time in short supply, we often gravitate toward the loudest and most repetitive messages rather than sitting down and really analyzing what we actually need. One of the most common results is people choosing not to act out of concern that they haven’t made the time to do the research. That compounds over time and tends to really stress your resources as projects pile up. We have a unique perspective of being able to look back over 24 years; trends come and go, but most companies are still trying to solve the basic problem of how to do more with less.”
Booming Future of the IT Sector
According to Daren, in the future valuations and profitability won’t matter and it will be boom and bust from a vendor perspective. From a customer perspective, it is still about driving out costs and looking for solutions that allow you to do more with less. He says, “Technology-wise the cloud will continue to dominate for many years to come and challenges will revolve around that. Security will also dominate IT budgets in the foreseeable future.”
When it comes to being prepared for the upcoming challenges, Daren says, “Regarding how we will be prepared, the answer is remarkably simple: Pivot. You have to be willing to change anything at any time. This is the biggest reason we are one of the oldest help desk software developers in the world. We constantly invest more in R&D than marketing to keep the product looking fresh and developing automation that keeps our solution relevant. The landscape is littered with companies that refused to acknowledge their mistakes and pivot.”
When it comes to planning the future roadmap of the company, the vision is clear in Daren’s mind. iSupport never puts a lot of time into product roadmaps. Every single day the company monitors their customer comments and the general direction of technology, and top of that they have weekly R&D projects to test an idea or see what something would look like.