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ISU Corp: An Exceptional Way to ‘Custom Software Solutions’

Founded in 2005, headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, ISU Corp is a high-end software consulting firm with the sole purpose of increasing the client’s profits with exceptional custom software solutions. The latest addition to the company’s services is its DevOps team. ISU Corp now has highly skilled DevOps engineers that are offering tremendous help to its clients by managing their entire environment. From development, to testing, to production, the company is building automation among all the environments, and is able to keep a high level of stability in each one.
ISU Corp also has recently introduced an Artificial Intelligence team, along with a cryptocurrency (Blockchain) team. On that side, the company is already working with a start-up company to be one of the first e-commerce applications to have Blockchain technology at its core.
The Enthusiastic Leader Defining the Difference
David Mansilla, the CEO of ISU Corp started his career as a Software Developer in 1995.  He acquired many years of experience working in the corporate world, going from Senior Developer, Systems Architect, all the way up to Senior Development Leader. In May 2005, David decided to dedicate 100% of his time in the software consulting industry, founding ISU Corp. Since then, he has been able to gain a wide variety of clients from software start-up companies to multimillion-dollar corporations.
His past experiences in the corporate world left an impact on him and led to ISU Corp’s emphasis on positive workplace culture. He prides himself on his role of fostering this environment, where team members feel acknowledged in their roles and happy with their colleagues.
Vibrant Work Culture
ISU Corp stands out because its main focus is on the relationship with its clients. It starts internally, within the company culture. The company considers ISU Corp to be a family, and the team members are there for one another and foster good relationships between themselves. This, in turn, extends to the way the company approaches its clients. It emphasizes the humanness needed in a client relationship. ISU Corp offers a personal experience instead of the cold business approach many other IT companies might adopt.
Overcoming the Challenges of Talent Acquisition
In terms of talent acquisition, one of the major challenges the team was facing was striking the perfect balance in terms of team members and clients. It had to adapt around the projects they took on. Often, it proved to be difficult to find talented developers as quickly as possible. As the company began to grow, searching for the right people to join its team became of the utmost importance. The company needed to be able to expand as its clients became bigger, or else the growth of the company would suffer. However, this is definitely a blessing disguised as a problem. This issue is a big part of the journey, as the need for more team members meant that it had the opportunity to add greater value to its clients.
Safeguarding a Healthy Work Environment
The company strives to offer a positive and encouraging work environment. The team members work together to make this world a better place, and to delight their clients. The company believes in creating a community-oriented environment for its employees. Although there are international borders between teams, every year the team meets in one place and has a company party, where members can meet each other and unwind.
ISU Corp offers remote work opportunities for its employees, granting them the opportunity to live their lives with a flexible job. They can pick up their kids after regular school hours, and go out as needed, as long as they are connected when they need to be and complete their hours and tasks. These are some of the benefits employees experience with ISU Corp.
HubLinked—a Brilliant Approach to Simplifying Employee Life
The company has a private social network called HubLinked that connects all the employees and clients in one place. HubLinked facilitates organization and collaboration. Members can set up their tasks and priorities, join different groups according to their project, and work together with the same efficiency as if they were in the same room. Additionally, since its launch in 2013, the team always posts positive messages and uses it to keep a constant reminder of what’s really important. ISU Corp focuses on the personal and professional growth of its employees and recognizes that in order for an employee to be motivated and engaged, they need to have fulfillment in all aspects of their lives. The company offers blogs on self-improvement, healthy living, and maintenance of mental health. Employees are encouraged to grow in all areas of their lives.
Creative Workplace Culture
ISU Corp strongly believes that if a company puts their employees first, the business will take care of itself. ISU focuses on creating a healthy work culture for everyone involved. It strives to create diversity, and as a result, 40% of the staff are women, which is unfortunately still difficult to find in today’s tech industry. The company fosters a sense of mutual respect and camaraderie between its employees and addresses any issues promptly and compassionately whenever they should arise. ISU Corp represents a company of people from all walks of life. Over all, they look for people who are rock stars in technology and development, as well as people who are aligned with the values the company follows.
Featuring the Future
David Mansilla, while shedding the light on the roadmap of the future, asserts, “We’re in a position right now where we’ve built a very strong foundation. We want to grow exponentially, and this year we have seen the first signs of this. In the last year we doubled our team and doubled our sales. The trend is going forward faster, thanks again to the positive workplace environment and culture.”
We have to keep working on our culture, and we also have to keep excelling in our technology strategy and our technological capabilities, so we can add more value to our clients and our team members. ISU Corp’s future is exponential growth”, he concludes on a determined note