You are currently viewing ISU Corp: A High-tech Custom Software Solutions Company that Goes Extra Mile to Ensure Client Satisfaction

ISU Corp: A High-tech Custom Software Solutions Company that Goes Extra Mile to Ensure Client Satisfaction

I.T has become such an integral part of society. The software industry has continued to grow and adapt as new technologies emerge. ISU Corp has been doing the same, providing custom Microsoft software services since 2005. They are a high-tech company specializing in custom software solutions and consulting. ISU Corp has a comprehensive team of IT professionals that bring to the company many years of experience in a wide-variety of technologies. The team writes software applications for various corporations and see their projects through from beginning to end. ISU Corp’s main focus has always been on their clients, as they are the reason the company is in business. Additionally, ISU Corp never fails to go the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction with the work done, they think of their client’s as partners and strongly believe that when they get the client to succeed in their individual projects, ISU Corp succeeds with them.
A Steadfast Leader
David Mansilla is the Founder and CEO of ISU Corp. His energetic personality, dedicated work ethic, and winning smile are all the attributes which one will notice immediately upon meeting this senior software architect. David personally enjoys working with each and every person on his team, and values his colleagues as a family.
He had been working in the software industry for numerous years until he decided to start his own company. He was motivated to venture off on his own when he saw a big necessity in the market that he felt he could fulfill. This necessity was in getting top talent which produces an exceptional return on investment. He was working in an industry where talent was very scarce.
 “I was working in a senior management position for multiple enterprises, and we had a really hard time finding good development resources and finding people with the right attitude. What I noticed is that culture is what attracts world class developers. I began to learn how to build a good culture within my development team as a Manager and also how to motivate people to work with me based on our values. I realized that I could do that for a business, and that’s how I started consulting,” David CEO.
On top of his diligent work with ISU Corp, David also finds time to help his community on the Advisory Board for Neruda Arts — an organization that raises funds for bringing artists from around the world into the K-W area.  He is also an active member of Loving Arms– a non-profit organization, offering assistance to children and their families in Guatemala. Their Mission is to help transform the lives and communities of the Guatemalan people they serve by empowering them to become self-sufficient. David enjoys travelling and spending time with his wonderful kids and beautiful wife, Shelly. Adding to his list of hobbies, David mentors on how to become successful with startup companies. He can also be found working up a sweat at the local gym. Loving Arms providing meals under privilege Guatemala.
A Humble Beginning
At the beginning, ISU Corp was faced with a few challenges such as acquiring clients and making sure that the company got the best talent.
“What we learned is: we must choose the right client with the right values. We also learned that we must be very careful while choosing the right engineers with the right values. We make sure that we create a win-win situation where our developers and our employees are happy to go to work because they are learning and they are growing. Our clients are happy to retain us because we provide excellent value to them and we provide exceptional service,” David affirms.
Client Satisfaction at the Forefront
The client’s come to ISU Corp because they provide exceptional custom software that is ensured to have a great return on investment.
ISU Corp staffs all their projects with senior resources and if needed, with other pre-qualified consultants and technical experts from business partners, associates, and vendor professional services. These alliances allow ISU Corp to bring to the project special skill sets needed to have a successful software launch and implementation. With this business model, they aim to get the people best suited for the job, to enable finishing on schedule, and with the expected results.
At ISU Corp the clients’ success is their highest priority. They strive to create a win – win environment, where partnership, honesty and professionalism mandate every task they conduct for their clients.
Hiring the Right People with Right Attitude
ISU Corp derives success from various sources; from the excellent rapport the company builds with its customers to having the best people working in the team. “We make sure we hire the right people, with the right attitude, and excellent work ethic that will help us ensure client satisfaction. We hire the best of the best and in turn provide our team members with an excellent company culture. We treat each other with respect and think of our team members as part of a family,” David adds.
David believes this helps the company grow as the clients know that they can entrust ISU Corp with their projects, and the clients keep coming back for all their future development needs. The firm also goes above and beyond what the client has asked for and provides wonderful value adds such as; a private social network designed for optimal client communication and collaboration. With the creation of portals consistent of blogs and posts, automatically documents the entire project and keeps all the stakeholders informed of any changes in strategy. This helps the company ensure that they deliver projects on time and within budget.
Continuing to Diversify and Venture into New Technologies
In the near future, ISU Corp will continue diversifying and venturing into new technologies. They have already started doing so, by expanding their mobile application services to provide top notch Android and IOS applications. The next frontier for the company will be to conquer AI software. David believes AI is the future when it comes to the I.T industry and for this reason ISU Corp wants to expand to AI next.
“We want to be the best in the industry and we strive to keep priding ourselves in the awesome work we do for our clients. We want to keep fostering our company culture that has allowed us to create an environment of learning, mentorship and motivation,” David concludes with the future proceedings of ISU Corp.
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