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Israeli Real Estate Startup Raise $3 Million

Skyline AI, an Israeli startup, today  made an announcement that it has raised $3 Million in seed funding. The company received  funds from Sequoia Capital. The platform developed by company helps investors to predict the growth of real estate property. Earlier the growth is assumed which is totally uncertain. According to company, the real estate forecasting platform developed by them is based on proper information and analysis, and it is credible. It provides investors with full estimations of every property.
The company was founded in 2017 and is headquartered at Tel Aviv. Based on data analyzed, the technology estimates risk, return and future value of every property. It provides the map with information of every property and its predicted price. It estimates the future of property by analyzing the data given to system. According to Guy Zipori, Cofounder and CEO of Skyline, the investment will be spent mostly on developmet and expanding activities in US. The companies main aim is US and it mapped the properties there.
Zipori told how the system works, he said, “We have one group of graduates of the 8200 IDF intelligence unit, and this is their job. For example, we use satellite photos to derive data about the pace of development in a given neighborhood. This information does not exist in raw form, so we produce it by ourselves. Afterwards, with a team of data scientists, we issue a forecast for the value of properties in the US, and what their value will be in the coming years. We use mainly deep neural networks for this purpose”
While explaining the company’s future model, Zepori said, “We are getting connected to major US investment concerns, and are letting them analyze specific deals of interest to them on the platform. In exchange, we get the right to participate in the deal with them, assuming that we want to be involved
Behind Skyline AI stands a team of serial entrepreneurs which includes Guy Zipori(CEO), Or Hiltch (CTO), Iri Amirav (CRO), and Amir Leitersdorf (chairperson).