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ISR Corporation: An Innovative Leader in Fleet Management Industry

The Fleet Management Solution sector is growing in size commensurate with the growth of vehicle fleets and the developments in automated fleet management technology. ISR Corporation, a renowned pioneer in the mapping and tracking industry is leading the charge.
ISR Corporation has the honor of being one of the three founders of the fleet tracking industry. It began in the 1980s as an R & D firm in the vehicle tracking sector. As the demand for tracking and vehicle management systems increased, the company seized the opportunity to market and sell its products in this emerging segment.
Since then, the company has gone on to install custom fleet management systems for governmental and commercial customers world-wide, including those for the

  • Executive Office of the President of the United States;
  • Office of National Drug Policy;
  • Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA);
  • Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Agency (ATF);
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI);
  • US Army;
  • US Coast Guard;
  • Mayo Clinic;
  • Los Angeles Parking Enforcement Division;
  • General Motors Proving Grounds; and
  • 40 state and local law enforcement agencies.

Industry-Leading Management Tools
Leveraging this extensive experience, ISR Corporation developed its full-featured commercial fleet management product, ISRFleetTrack® in 1995.
ISRFleetTrack leads the fleet management industry with a range of revolutionary features and unprecedented flexibility. As an effective management tool, it helps reduce costs by extracting relevant data from the fleet data via both standard and customized reports.
Its broad array of features is backed by thirty years of experience in technology development and integration. Among the most recent features offered are Concrete Mix Drum Monitoring, Temperature Monitoring, Hours of Service Electronic Logging, and Speeding Alerts based on locally-posted speed limits.
Superior Service and Cutting-edge Tracking Technology
ISR offers off-the-shelf tracking systems as well as the ability to integrate with a customer’s unique business requirements. It prides itself on providing superior service and cutting-edge tracking technology at a competitive price.
Today, ISR Corporation has offices in Maryland and Israel. Through local dealers located across the world, it delivers the finest fleet management products available and combines that with an excellent support and service network.
An Area of Opportunity
The fleet management industry is becoming increasingly crowded as perceived opportunities attract new entrants. As in all market sectors, this expansion will move to a consolidation phase in which the number of competitors and solutions will decrease.
ISR Corporation is confident that its products and development capabilities will prevail as they have always done in the past. Most companies actively competing in this space cannot match the company’s combination of technological development experience and technical expertise.
Fleet Tracking Services and GPS Tracking Devices
ISR’s varied range of services and devices is one of the reasons the firm stands at the forefront of the industry. Some of them are:
Live Tracking: It helps clients locate an entire fleet in seconds while giving them the information necessary to make better dispatch assignment decisions. Powerful exception-based reporting ensures automatic updates of relevant information crucial to the client’s business.
Two-way Communications: ISR has integrated two-way messaging to maintain efficient yet low-cost communications with every vehicle.
Reports: ISR helps clients prevent costly and/or risky driving behavior like speeding or excessive idling with its suite of Fleet Management reports. ISR FleetTrack makes payroll accountability a snap and allows automatic computation of IFTA fuel taxes by state.
Dispatch & Navigation: ISR FleetTrack Live unleashes the power of Google Maps, helping dispatchers find the best route for a driver to take, and giving dispatchers advance notice when vehicles may be delayed by traffic along the way. Optional Garmin integration lets dispatchers send job assignments to a portable GPS device in a vehicle so the driver automatically gets turn-by-turn directions to the destination.
Sensors & Controls: With ISR, clients are able to protect employees with “Remote Panic Buttons”, which helps prevent vehicle theft.
Hardware: ISR Silent Position Monitor (SPM) series Mobile Tracking Units include a powerful onboard processor, and an onboard storage capability allowing millions of positions to be stored and analyzed. Furthermore, it instantly notifies fleet managers of stops, entries or exits from geo-fenced boundaries, speeding or emergencies.
About the Founder and CEO
The founder and CEO of ISR Corporation, Yukie Novick, is an engineer by training. He has spent his career developing and providing integrated solutions to the Fleet Management, Transit and Paratransit industries all over the world.
He aims to keep ISR on its leadership trajectory as they develop and integrate new and emerging technologies into their Fleet Management Solutions.

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