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Ishita Sen: The Doyenne of Breaking Insidious Process

Men are no longer the only role models in the male-dominated finance world; women have worked resiliently to break through and become professional leaders and role models, too. In fact, millions of successful, talented and intelligent women in the business world are leading some of today’s biggest financial companies. Studies support women’s natural ability to be excellent leaders due to traits like high levels of logic and reasoning. These studies are the antidote to female economic disenfranchisement, and are reaching a critical mass of women at the top rungs of the global financial system.
One of the most prominent women directing the nation’s wealth is Ishita Sen, the Head of Customer and Partner Success at Seceon. She asserts, “Whenever I faced the slightest indication of gender bias, it gave me extra motivation. I was even more determined to succeed. I went the extra mile to prove my abilities, working nights and weekends.”
Ishita imagines herself as an empowered woman who traverses the journey of leadership, at the bleeding edge of technology and business innovation. She is creating an impeccable impact on business, and living in a world where potential and track record of contribution are what matters, and gender does not. This woman possesses traits of self-respect, dignity, confidence, and self-determination. She has the passion and drive to give back to society so that it can continue to improve.
Ishita’s Empowerment Anthem
Ishita started off on the path to empowerment by wanting to become a vital part of each company she worked for. She was an energetic contributor and organizational leadership took notice. She was put into roles where she could learn leadership attributes, not only by observing great leaders in her organization, but also by allowing her to take purposeful action to evolve as a leader within her job. Moreover, she extended herself to blend management and technology into one with her on-the-job education. This helped her acquire knowledge through both formal and informal programs.
Ishita is an accomplished leader with more than twenty years of experience and an impressive track record of building high-performance technology teams to deliver products and services in Telecom and IT. She has managed many multi-location teams to bring telecom solutions across various platforms including Mobile and IP Telephony, Intelligent Networks, Messaging, NGN and Central Office Switches. She is known for excellence in managing IT & Network Operations and large Customer Engagements.
Building Financial Models for the Company
The need for inspecting and responding to data breaches in real-time spurred the development of Seceon’s innovative Open Threat Management (OTM) platform. The company’s mission is to empower enterprises to detect, respond to and eliminate all known and new cyber-threats. Seceon’s OTM platform provides the industry’s first and only fully automated threat detection and remediation software system. Its subscription-based, environment-agnostic solution detects all forms of threats as they happen, without need of human intervention, and automatically stops them in minutes.
Ishita’s role in Customer Success, which is an integration of Marketing, Sales, Professional Services, Training, and Support, seems like a natural fit for her. She enjoys interacting with people and problem solving. Her mission as a leader for Seceon is the most important aspect of her professional life, i.e., creating excellence in all customer touch points, whether they are prospects, customers or partners. Ishita and her team impress clients with Seceon’s vision, technology, and support to customers; so they know Seceon is the right organization to work with now and into the future. Achieving her mission means a variety of things including improving backend processes, automation of various deliverables, listening to Seceon’s partners and customers, and acting as a bridge between sales, customers, and engineering, to evolve the technology that the company builds.
Ishita’s influence and decisions toward the process of installation, technical support, technical documentation, product packaging, and technical infrastructure such as CRM systems have proved to be successful. They all play a role in maturing Seceon along with its product offerings to satisfy their customers.
The Lady Envisions Gender Equality In Tech
Ishita believes that a woman in business who wants to succeed as a professional leader needs to pursue her goals with passion, and exhibit the impact she is making to her organization, her family, and to society. Determination, sincerity of purpose, focus, discipline, resilience, and positivity are among the valuable qualities that a woman should carry with her, as Ishita does. Ishita’s sense of balance between her life as a professional, a wife, and a mother is needed – as the world of business embraces talent regardless of gender. She believes having more women in business will create better and more balanced work cultures, as organizations employ from a larger pool of talent who can create value for a business.
Ishita emphasizes that education of both men and women are needed to eliminate gender inequality and create social awareness about the reality of women in the workforce. She believes that leadership talent should be spotted and nurtured regardless of gender, as talent and the aspiration to grow and succeed are not biased by gender. An organization should be patient and persistent in finding the appropriate roles that nurture talent. Recognizing the talent and motivations of men and women equally will empower women. Empowering women will also empower families, and entire nations.

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