Is Your Mobile Water Resistant?

Due to Increased use of Mobiles, IT industry introduces so many mobile brands in the market. Mobiles are highly featured with many one touch features, but the basic feature waterproofing is not added, which should be focused by cellphone manufacturers. To fulfill this ,manufactures have to face obstacles like Electronic circuit, Charging, SIM card, Mic, Speaker, Data transfer needs.
Electronic circuit: Primarily circuits are made up of chemicals, which may vary with the reaction with water. It may crash the mobile circuit. So it is a basic necessity of mobile manufacturers to make waterproofing not to enter the water inside the circuit.
Charging/Battery: Today Lithium Polymer (LiPo) used for long lasting battery service. Although it is not supporting more than 24 -36 hours. It is mandatory to charge as usage includes audios and high resolution videos. Hence charging port is another consideration, which gives an opening to chargers.
SIM card: There should be a slot for changing SIM card, to facilitate the mobile user with some options of service providers. Again It is an opening which may transfer water to microcontroller chip.
Mic and speaker: To catch or deliver the sound waves, Mic and Speaker are connected to the PCB through wires, there are small holes. Again, there arises another consideration for waterproofing.
Few Suggestions To Get Rid Of These Obstacles:
1. Simcard trays may help you for above challenges.
2. Make use of Stand alone mic and Speakerphones connected to base mobile phone using Bluetooth, is one alternative for Mic/speaker openings.
3. To avoid charging ports opening, you may do swapping with 2 batteries for charging by removing the casing instead of using traditional micro USB, but in that case data transfer will not be possible.
– Sonal Burghate