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Is It Possible to Mix Magic Mushrooms and Recreational Drugs?

Both magic mushrooms and cannabis have their individual properties. Simply put, cannabis comprises cannabinoids that can generate a feeling of relaxation and euphoria. On the other hand, magic mushrooms can come with alkaloids that can effectively bind to the serotonin receptors. It can also catalyze full-blown psychedelic experiences. People sometimes think of blending in the two, and we will throw light on that in this article.

Is it possible to blend in psychedelics and cannabis?

The psychedelic fungi and cannabis are natural sources of the chemical compound, that is, the alkaloids and cannabinoids, which can generate an altered state of consciousness after using it. Since it was used back in the past, several cultures have used natural psychoactive substances for several reasons. Today, it still gets used for multiple purposes in various parts of the globe. There are people who are making use of it for recreational purposes. At times, it also gets used for expanding consciousness.

Since psychedelics and cannabis generate certain impacts on your brain and body, the users usually don’t mix them thinking about witnessing a synergistic effect. To date, there are zero clinical trials that have written about the efficacy and security of consuming magic mushrooms and cannabis together. However, there are many anecdotal accounts that vary. A few users have shared that CBD products have enabled them to bring down the side effects of the shrooms.

Growing mushrooms along with cannabis

Knowing the consensus of growing mushrooms and cannabis together is essential. You need to know whether you can cultivate it or not. And in most cases, the answer is no. To know more about it, you can check out The Farmhouse Cannabis Co. of Burlington, ON.

The mushrooms need adding attention and care to stay hydrated and free from contamination. It is possible for cannabis cultivators to simply toss the seeds into the soil. On the other hand, the mushroom growers would want to sterilize the growing medium to remove the microbes. In order to attain the first flush, it is recommended that the growers make use of monotubs and jars to create a space with more carbon dioxide and humidity, which works for keeping the contaminated microbes out. However, cannabis needs reduced humidity and increased oxygen levels to thrive.

But after the first harvest, the growers can change their completely colonized mushroom substrate, which is resistant to contamination, into the cannabis grow room or a garden space, hoping for a second flush. The growers usually choose a place for keeping the mycelium cake at the base of the plants and then mulch it with manure and straw along with water. When the conditions are correct, you can come across a second flush emerging in the future. When nothing happens, there is nothing that gets wasted.

However, you must understand the compatibility between magic mushrooms and cannabis in order to grow them together. There are experts who can share their views about it.