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Is Compass Real Estate a Good Company?

Whilst there are thousands of businesses that are successful, sometimes even the biggest brands come under fire due to scandals. It’s something that has been seen time and time again, but how can you tell if a company is good or not? Well, in this article, with Compass real estate as the focus, we are going to look at some of the main points that can sway how well-received a business is, which can ultimately impact how well they do.

For a little bit of background info, before we get started, Compass is a real estate business headquartered in New York. It has become one of the biggest real estate brokerages in the United States since it was established in 2012. This success is largely due to the innovative real estate app technology that it offers its agents and customers.

How They Treat Customers

As you can see in this review of the company, Compass prides itself on a client-focused approach to real estate. This has stood Compass in good stead, as due to this, they have endless favorable reviews from their customers who have had positive experiences with them. They’re highly selective with the real estate agents they take on board, so their customers will only be interacting with the top talent in the country, which makes a difference to the whole process.

Compass real estate is also super easy to get in touch with, whether in-person, online, or on the phone, which means they’re readily available for their customers should they need them. They have offices all across the country, so if you do want to find out more information for yourself, then you can easily do so.


Some of the company principles of Compass are listed on the website as follows:

  • Dream big.
  • Move fast.
  • Learn from reality.
  • Be solutions-driven.
  • Collaborate without ego.
  • Maximize your strengths.

With these ideas forming the foundation of the business, Compass is focused on delivering the best results whilst being a dynamic business. The brand has many charitable causes as part of its philanthropy program, helping hundreds of local businesses each year.


Compass is an in-demand company to work for, which says a lot about how they treat their employees. Last year 140,000 people applied to join the Compass team, with only 1% getting through. In terms of pay, agents get a fair percentage of commission for each sale they make. The technology Compass provides its agents with can make the selling process a breeze in comparison to other platforms, which is all part of the appeal of being a part of the team.

Compass is a company that pushes for diversity and inclusion within their teams, which is something that many businesses let slip under the radar. To support this further, they have a range of affinity groups such as agents of color, disabilities at Compass, and Veterans at Compass, to name a few. The efforts they have put in to hire people from a range of backgrounds have even been recognized by Hired’s “Inspiring Partners” Impact Report in 2021.

All in all, Compass is more than just a real estate company. If we look past the buying and selling of homes, Compass is a brand that provides roles of value to people from all different walks of life, supports local causes, and has customers at the forefront of what they do. Due to this, we conclude that Compass comes across as a good company for a number of different reasons.