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Is a Data Analyst career right for me? What you should consider

As technology-focused careers fuel changes across industries, taking up a data analyst course is definitely a viable career option. Choosing a career in the data analysis field can be an intimidating experience for a large number of students aspiring for a rewarding future. But, trust me, a career in data analytics is worth your investment. There are various institutes and universities to choose from, but it is crucial to pick a college that guarantees a promising future in this domain. If you’re still unsure about the right college or institute to pursue a data analyst course, you can browse top-notch management schools in Canada’s Toronto.
You must be wondering why in Toronto, right? Canada is one of the leading countries with a unique education system. The country is home to several renowned and prestigious universities with modern research facilities. Top-notch management schools in Toronto offer a one-year diploma program in data analytics. This one-year diploma program helps you acquire the in-demand skills and knowledge required to analyze data and optimize business performance.
Besides this, the course will also introduce you to the cutting-edge tools, technologies, and methods used to analyze data, transform large data sets into actionable insights, and increase the efficiency of businesses. With all being said, let’s jump right into the reasons to opt for the data analyst program.
Reasons to study data analyst course
Demand for data analysts is at the all-time high 
“You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data,” says American fiction writer Daniel Keys Moran while describing the importance of insights in successfully running a company. Thus, the demand for professionals related to the data analyst field is surging in every sector. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment outlook of data analysts is projected to increase by 20 percent over the next seven years.
1.Data analysts can work in a spectrum of industries
Today, almost every industry requires data to optimize business performance and make data-driven decisions. From business intelligence to marketing, sales to data assurance, every sector requires data analysts to improve business performance. Thus, data analysts can work in any industry of their choice.
2.You will work on high-end salary packages
The yearly compensation of professionals related to data analysis may surprise you. But data analysts receive big fat paychecks for their jobs. Canada’s data analysts make approximately CAD 83,359 per year, way more than many high-profile roles.
3.The course will help you in the overall development
This one-year diploma course will develop your technical skills by familiarizing you with tools like SQL, Data Visualization, R or Python, and Machine Learning. Besides this, you will obtain transferable skills, including leadership, teamwork, presentation skills, critical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical thinking, during the program.
Above all, data analyst jobs are highly satisfying as they allow you to influence any business decisions apart from offering you handsome salary packages. If you aspire for a lucrative career, enroll in this diploma course immediately!