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Irvandi Ferizal | Human Capital Director | Maybank IndonesiaIrvandi Ferizal | Human Capital Director | Maybank Indonesia

Irvandi Ferizal: Merging Mindscape and Marketplace Mastery

The landscape of business is ever-evolving, where academia and industry interweave to shape modern leadership, Irvandi Ferizal is an emerging distinctive figure. Picture this: a corporate realm pulsating with the dynamism of change, where the fusion of knowledge and practical prowess becomes the true elixir of success.

Here, the spotlight falls on Irvandi a visionary whose journey has transcended the conventional boundaries of academia and ventured into the realm of hands-on leadership.

As the Human Capital Director at Maybank Indonesia, Irvandi is spearheading the charge toward a future on the path to excellence. Irvandi stands as a testament to the power of fusing scholarly wisdom with pragmatic leadership. In the labyrinthine corridors of industry, where challenges morph into opportunities, he has carved a remarkable path.

It is this very journey, from academia’s ivory towers to the helm of a prominent corporate entity, that we now uncover, shedding light on the unique approach and insights that define Irvandi’s role at Maybank Indonesia and furthermore!

From Classroom to Boardroom

Hailing from the modest town of Pekanbaru, nestled far away from the bustling heart of Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta, Irvandi’s journey has been nothing short of remarkable. With a distinguished academic record, he graduated cum-laude as an Industrial & Organizational psychologist. But his story goes beyond the classroom, spanning over three decades across five diverse industries–Pharma, Logistics, Telecommunication, FMCG, and Financial Services.

Since 2016, Irvandi has held the esteemed position of Human Capital Director at Bank Maybank Indonesia, an institution that boasts an extensive workforce of 11 thousand employees strewn across the archipelago. His ascent to this role might appear seamless, yet the truth unveils a tale intertwined with mergers and corporate transformations that demand a profound grasp of change management.

As Irvandi reached his early thirties, he found himself at the helm of intricate corporate mergers. The first was managing TNT Express and TNT Logistics, a challenge he met head-on. Subsequently, the fusion of Nokia’s Finnish ethos with Siemens’ German heritage tested his expertise in achieving seamless integration. The Motorola merger further enriched his repertoire. At Kraft Foods, he orchestrated the union between Kraft Foods and Cadbury, culminating in the rebranded identity of Mondelez Indonesia.

However, Irvandi’s most recent endeavor is embarking on a transformative journey as Bank International Indonesia underwent a rebranding, evolving into Bank Maybank Indonesia within a mere three months of his tenure.

Stepping into the banking realm, Irvandi embarked on an intensive process of learning, adapting and reshaping his mindset to thrive within the regulated industry. Before his foray into the banking sector, Irvandi’s role as HR Lead for South East Asia–Integrated Supply Chain at Mondelez provided him with a unique cross-cultural perspective. Overseeing teams dispersed across five different countries, each with its distinct culture and time zone; heightened his sensitivity to the nuances of diverse backgrounds.

Reflecting upon his extraordinary journey, Irvandi acknowledges the blessings bestowed upon him by the array of industries and challenges he has embraced. His expertise has garnered recognition on both national and regional fronts within the Human Resources community. A sought-after speaker and lecturer, Irvandi’s experiences have enriched his worldview, enabling him to perceive situations from myriad angles.

Illuminating the Path

In his professional journey, Irvandi firmly embraces the belief that wholehearted dedication yields impactful outcomes. He operates with the mindset of a pilot rather than a mere passenger, a principle that has guided him throughout his career. It’s this very commitment that draws companies to him, seeking his active contributions to their endeavors.

For Irvandi, the realm of HR transcends its conventional boundaries; it’s not just about HR, but about the organization and its business. He recognizes the symbiotic relationship between HR and business, ensuring that his actions align with impacting the latter positively. This approach rejects event-based thinking in favor of a strategic outlook, always mindful of the practical ground realities.

Despite his strategic focus, Irvandi remains grounded by the understanding that success lies in comprehending the grassroots. As a banker, he frequently conducts branch visits, fostering motivation and engagement among his team members. He takes the responsibility of ensuring effective communication of head office messages and policies to his branch teams.

Irvandi navigates the delicate balance between thinking inside out and outside in. While he crafts initiatives to make a market and customer impact, he remains open-minded and benchmarks against other companies. To facilitate this, he cultivates a robust network within the business ecosystem, fostering collaboration, shared learning and insightful exchange. His leadership and network-building journey included chairing the Indonesia HR Association (PMSM) from 2013 to 2016 and the Indonesia HR Banking Forum from 2019 to 2022. This role not only enhanced his leadership acumen but also empowered him to influence regulatory decisions in line with industry best practices.

From Roots to Fruits

At Maybank Indonesia, the ethos of TIGER embodies its values-Teamwork, Integrity, Growth, Excellence & Efficiency and Relationship. This philosophy deeply resonates with Irvandi, driven by a genuine TIGER attitude that goes beyond behavior–it’s a way of being.

Comparing the TIGER values to the traits of an actual tiger, Irvandi draws inspiration. Just as a tiger stands as a leader in the forest, Maybank Indonesia aims to lead in the market. Resilience and speed akin to a tiger’s prowess symbolize the strength and agility required in a substantial organization. The tiger’s familial nature underscores the Maybank Indonesia community as an extended family, extending beyond just work and career.

Moreover, the tiger’s unique stripes reflect the acknowledgment of individual distinctiveness, be it customers or employees. This resonates with Maybank Indonesia’s commitment to Humanizing Financial Services, where understanding individual customer needs takes precedence over-generalization.

Innovate or Stagnate

In the realm of technology, Irvandi holds a steadfast belief that its role should be to enhance processes, expedite turnaround times, minimize errors and reduce manual efforts. This conviction is underpinned by a human-centered design approach, emphasizing the importance of technology being a facilitator rather than a fleeting trend. He is wary of adopting technology merely for appearances or to keep up with modern trends.

Irvandi’s philosophy starts with addressing employee pain points as the foundation for technological implementations. Within the HR team, he spearheads a multitude of digitalization and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) initiatives, all meticulously executed in-house to ensure tailored solutions that not only enhance impact but also elevate employee experiences. However, the growing concern of cyber security risks poses a challenge, one that he is resolute in managing to safeguard the organization’s integrity.

Underpinning these technological endeavors is the necessity for a culture of readiness to optimize technology’s potential and contribute meaningful value. Among the notable innovations introduced under Irvandi’s leadership are the MyHR2U app, MyJourney recruitment tracking system, MyCampus Learning Experience Platform, MyNet internal social media and Mayang2U HR chatbot. Each initiative embodies his commitment to weaving technology seamlessly into the organizational fabric, enhancing efficiency and enriching the employee journey.

Planting Seeds of Change

Within the bank, the winds of digitalization are sweeping across, promising a profound impact. The traditional branch office, once pivotal, now finds itself on the margins. Over 90% of transactions have transitioned into the digital realm, necessitating an evolution in skill sets, a re-evaluation of business processes and the alignment of policies.

This transformation has prompted a proactive approach to employee development. In readiness, capabilities are honed and working methods are realigned through the lens of Organization Development. Central to this shift is the cultivation of an organizational culture that stands as a cornerstone in any transformation journey.

At Maybank Indonesia, a novel workforce paradigm has been crafted–the ‘new age’ workforce, akin to bionic beings. These individuals wield a repertoire of ‘future skills,’ encompassing not only technology but also data analytics, human-centered design, futuristic communication and agile thinking. The term ‘bionic’ encapsulates their essence; an amalgamation of brain power, data acumen, technological finesse, adaptability, vitality, and unwavering competence.

Aspire to Inspire

Irvandi says, “The future goals of organizations-we are a value-driven platform, powered by a bionic workforce that humanizes financial services.” It means infusing the principles of ethical banking (inclusiveness, integrity & sustainability) as a strategic differentiator to drive economic value, orchestrating digital ecosystems and integrating customer offerings across the region, providing customers & communities with hyper-personalized solutions.

Irvandi annotates, “In the long run, I will continue as a high contributor and leader for all transformation in my organization; as an advisor for organization toward high-performance culture, while at the same time preparing a young talented generation to be ready to take over and continue the journey.

Bequeathing Wisdom

Irvandi’s advice is to dare to take challenges and never-ending innovation and go out of your comfort zone, strengthen the collaboration with the ecosystem, really understand who the targeted customer is; understand their real motives and behavior and invest in talent development. Every successful organization has traversed a journey of gradual progress and laid down a foundation, rather than achieving success in an instant.