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IrisVR: Reinforcing the Construction Industry through Prompt Virtual Reality

Technology is increasingly becoming a driving force in the construction industry – an industry in dire need of a solution to solve the stagnant productivity rates stunting its growth. As construction planning and administration processes are increasingly going digital, many construction-tech companies in the residential, non-residential, and infrastructure sectors are embracing this opportunity to transform the future.
IrisVR is the leading software provider for immersive design review and collaboration in virtual reality. This software is used by BIM & VDC teams, design firms, and engineers who coordinate 3D models and implement design and construction processes. IrisVR can be integrated with Revit, Rhino, SketchUp, and other 3D tools to create an immersive VR experience for users. It takes client engagement to a new level with productive coordination meetings at 1:1 scale.
IrisVR was one of the first companies to develop VR software specifically for AEC workflows. Since its inception, it has been helping thousands of users in the US and abroad deploy VR in their office or at the job site.
IrisVR’s Exceptional Products
IrisVR helps firms accelerate and streamline their workflows by providing a platform that makes project coordination & planning simpler and more accurate. It currently offers two products which are available for a free 45-day trial at
Prospect- Prospect unlocks data-rich, immersive workflows for design review, coordination, and owner engagement, enabling smooth on-site and off-site operations. It creates fully immersive, interactive VR experiences from your desktop 3D model that can be viewed with an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. This one-stop solution for users lets them explore BIM and 3D files in virtual reality with one click. Its in-VR tools allow users to interact with and manipulate their model for more efficient and productive discussions. You can even collaborate with multiple stakeholders from any location with their Multiuser Meetings features. Prospect supports Revit, Sketchup, Rhino, Grasshopper, FBX and OBJ files. They also just announced a new native integration with Navisworks, where customers will be able to use a Navisworks plugin to send 3D models into VR with one click.
Scope- Scope is IrisVR’s mobile application that launches 360° immersive panoramas with the Samsung GearVR, Google Daydream, and Cardboard. It facilitates quick presentations on the go and can be used to drive client buy-in and present final designs.
The Fanatical Duo
After studying architecture, Shane Scranton (CEO) and Nate Beatty (CTO) – IrisVR co-founders – shifted into 3D technology in 2013 as BIM consultants. They saw the immense potential of immersive technology to increase efficiency on the job site. The duo was on a mission to drive better coordination and design review in the office by offering a true-to-scale experience. Shane and Nate took a dive into the deep end with a vision to define enterprise workflows through an effective and innovative platform. Their passion for 3D technology and the idea to change the way people create, develop, and communicate ideas about 3D space motivated them to launch IrisVR in 2014.
Today, with the constant efforts of Shane and Nate, IrisVR has been recognized amongst the notable leaders in virtual reality and enterprise technology by various outlets.
Surpassing Challenges
When IrisVR was gearing-up to set its foundation in 2014, VR was just starting to capture mainstream interest and most of the headsets had not even been released. Their team of engineers had to spend most of their time developing the early proof of concept for the software while costumer-centric personnel focused on operations to withstand the market complexities. Team IrisVR travelled throughout the U.S. and abroad giving thousands of in-person demos to firms while gathering feedback and answering questions. They faced the challenge of developing easy-to-use, one-click, and innovative solutions in an era where VR technology was still in its embryonic stage. But with persistence and investments in evangelism, the company established itself as a trusted brand with its turnkey VR software solution for AEC.
The Success Mantra
IrisVR provides a workplace where employees can experience personal growth while feeling connected to the customers and projects. The co-founders believe that ‘employee engagement’ is the key to unlock the door to success. In conversation with them, they addressed “we constantly try to set and refine goals that give employees creative freedom and ownership of their roles while also working towards a common vision. We also try to bring our day to day work closer to the customer by hosting frequent lunches, test sessions, and feedback meetings with construction firms.”
Revealing the Future Plans
With a futuristic vision to reach newer heights, IrisVR is excited about the next generation of immersive headsets that will be more accessible and easier to use in varied environments, making immersive technology better suited for construction projects. The company is also working to position its core technology for larger teams for effective use of immersive technology in mega projects.
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