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Irasema Calvo | CEO | Supply Chain and Procurement Consulting

Irasema Calvo: Solving Your Supply Chain Problems

The COVID-19 outbreak contributed to global trade tensions and various powerful storms disrupting the current market. A study conducted in the first quarter of March 2020 found that 46 percent of small Australian firms revealed that the COVID-19 outbreak had negatively impacted their businesses, helping the world recognize the benefit of resilient and robust supply networks. Tackling these devastating challenges, Irasema Calvo, the CEO, and Founder of Supply Chain and Procurement Consulting Firm, has been assisting its customers to scale up their business to go global amid all the highs and lows of the global supply chain environment. Based in Australia, the firm is ready to support your business’s success and guide you to decrease supply chain costs with cost-effective business tactics.

Profound Expertise

Irasema Calvo is a globally recognized senior-level strategic Supply Chain and Procurement Consultant with 17 years of experience working with Medical, Electronic, and Aerospace Fortune 500 world-class manufacturing industries. She is known for the performance of excellence and contributions to success in creating Cost Savings Projects by negotiations and implementation of strategies for global supply chain activities, including procurement, manufacturing, and distribution. Irasema is also a published author of the book Global Procurement Strategies for Small Businesses.

Executing her expertise, Irasema Calvo helps small and medium businesses optimize their operations by implementing various effective supply chain strategies such as Total Quality Management, Six Sigma, Lean Supply Chain Management, Just-In-Time Systems, and Digital Supply Chains. She has worked as supply chain and procurement manager at various US biotech firms and helped them scale up their operations by implementing global sourcing strategies. Apart from the supply chain, Irasema also has vast experience in the biotechnology and healthcare sector.

Expanding Professional Horizons

Calvo has worked with various firms and agencies in the United States, Mexico, and Australia. She possesses the worldwide experience and skills required to assist CEOs and managers of SMEs in Australia in expanding their operations globally and supporting companies to become profitable. Irasema has substantially contributed to achieving over USD 223M in cost-saving opportunities for Global Manufacturers by streamlining manufacturing processes and materials. These initiatives are delivering millions of dollars in cost efficiencies and increases in productivity. She recently managed to reduce 58% of the total cost for the at-home COVID-19 biotech device.

Making Her Mark

Calvo has achieved this vast knowledge and expertise of supply chain and logistics management through her years of experience in the industry. She started her supply chain career at Rockwell Collins, a multinational corporation, as a procurement officer in 2004. Since then, she has worked at various supply chain designations in well-known firms in the USA. Before starting her consulting firm, she worked as Sr. Global Strategic Sourcing Manager at Vyaire Medical Inc. She managed to exacerbate the cost-saving to $10M during her tenure.

Irasema received the Women in Supply Chain Award USA 2021 for her contribution to the world by effectively developing the at-home COVID-19 test kit. When the whole world was in chaos, no one could tell if someone had contracted the coronavirus. Calvo and her team managed to develop the kit as a first step towards eliminating this pandemic. Her contribution is a clear demonstration of her philanthropy. Since the inauguration of her Supply Chain Procurement & Consulting firm, she has supported many small businesses to identify key improvement areas through the implementation of Kaizen, Six Sigma, and Total Quality Management Technologies.

Technology at the Forefront

Irasema knows the value that technologies can add to supply chain management in terms of efficiency and profitability. She specializes in implementing ERP systems while leveraging e-commerce, e-procurement, and e-replenishment to support and simplify purchasing and supply management while saving costs and time. She actively reads and learns about new technological advancements and is ambitious about how AI and big data revolutionize the supply chain industry. She aims to leverage the power of these technologies to create a connected supply chain ecosystem for companies in Australia.

Bequeathing Women Leaders

A recent survey by Gartner revealed that 47% of the supply chain workforce is comprised of women. However, women’s percentage at the top tier of supply chain designations has fallen from 28% to 21%, contrary to the increasing percentage of women in the supply chain workforce. Irasema Calvo believes that women can make significant contributions when placed at the top supply chain management positions. Her achievements in the field of supply chain paved the path for women to succeed at all levels of a company’s supply chain.