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IPSec: Ensuring Optimum Security for your Business Information

For any successful and profitable business, information is positioned as its lifeblood, wherein the employees of the organization work as veins and arteries to pass this delicate information through the hierarchy. But sometimes a slight negligence or dysfunction can cause this valuable information to reach where it wasn’t supposed to, making it absolutely critical for organizations to have an adequate plan to safeguard such information. IPSec, one of Australia’s leading IT security companies, strives to ensure the protection of business information with its specialization in information asset security. With an able and professional team of technology experts, who know how to mitigate risk to business by implementing end-to-end solutions, IPSec protects invaluable intelligence, data, and information.
From assessing information risk, vulnerabilities and threats, to designing and implementing customized security strategies to managing execution and optimizing results, IPSec is the guardian of business confidence. IPSec provides a high level of protection and optimal assurance of an organization’s security posture. The ever-growing company currently holds offices in Melbourne and Sydney, serving over 350 clients around Australia and other foreign nations – in all industry and government verticals.
An Inspiring Individual with an Eye for Future
When your goals are clear, making a decision becomes a whole lot easier. With this exact motivation, Co-Founder and Managing Director of IPSec, Scott Lidgett and his team of innovators were determined from the outset to not become beholden to a warehouse of inventory. They were instead iron-focused on becoming the leading Advanced MSSP (Managed Security Services Provider) in Australia.
Building a business in the security space was always the preferred choice of industry for Scott Lidgett, especially because of his inherent entrepreneurial bent and degree in Engineering. With the sector moving at a rapid pace and the demand for technical excellence and agility on the rise, Scott distinguishes himself in Channelworx and the ASX listed FirstWave Ltd. Since the inception of IPSec, Scott and the company’s Co-Founders – James Pemberton, David McDonald, and Ben Robson – had a common business motivator of creating strong cash flows from re-current revenue streams.
Experiences Further Strengthening Performance
Among the various worthwhile and valuable experiences IPSec had with its vast customer base, one of it involved a large Australian legal firm. The firm had engaged IPSec’s vSOC Guard (SIEM as a Service) offering for the monitoring and identification of real-time security incidents. IPSec’s services identified an incident that looked to potentially be a successful hacking attempt against their core information systems. The IPSec vSOC was able to contact the victim organization within minutes of the related events being identified and assessed, and assisted the organization to further investigate and shut down the threat.
Another experience of IPSec involved a penetration testing engagement for an Australian utility organization. IPSec was engaged to perform security testing services for both external and internal threats against the organization’s information environment. During the assessment, IPSec was able to obtain access to the clients’ corporate wireless network whilst sitting in their car park, and gain control of key utility assets. The Australian organization’s executive quickly understood the importance of further investment in their data security posture, and such vulnerability was quickly remediated.
Moving Forward from the very Beginning
Since the mid-90s, the IPSec core team has been working as Information Security specialist commercial and technical professionals. The company’s rich heritage made the transition into the founding of IPSec a very smooth one, with 100’s of customer relationships and strong key vendor relationships forged over the decades. The profitable self-funding organization holds no corporate debt and is deeply focused on becoming Australia’s most preferred Information Security Services organization. IPSec’s business plan is to continue along that path in growing its service agreements through IPSec vSOC, and its unique Risk Management consulting approach continues to gain momentum in achieving that goal.
IPSec is firmly dedicated on empowering its employees and removing any visible glass ceilings. The firm is actively working on removing and streamlining any operational impediments and provides an environment in which employee initiatives are both encouraged and rewarded. IPSec ensures an employee-friendly environment with its flexible working hours and family first philosophy. Add to that, running an in-house 24×7 Security Operations Centre (SOC) provides a wonderful stepping stone for aspiring security practitioners; and the company is respectful of the aspirations of its younger employees as well as its seasoned campaigners.
An Expert in the IT Security Space
There are very few dedicated Information Security specialist organizations in Australia; most of whom seeking to provide some security services are overwhelmingly concerned with other business activity aside from the Security aspect itself. There are even fewer end-to-end Information Security specialists that can expertly deliver through all layers of the Information Security lifecycle. Scott Lidgett mentions that “IPSec’s success stems from our unique focus, depth of deliverable, unique high-value services offerings, long heritage and an elite team of career information security specialists delivering superior risk management outcomes in comparison to our competitors. IPSec is considered by our customers a strategic holistic expert business partner in the IT Security sphere.”
The Future – Willing to Go an Extra Mile
The future of IPSec will see a continued expansion of the IPSec vSOC Managed & Monitored (Advanced MSSP) security suite, and IPSec’s approach to risk assessment and remediation tracking. With organizations coming to terms with the full magnitude of the Internet security struggle, Company Boards are changing their perspective, focus, and priority surrounding security and elevating the critical importance of adopting the best practice for information security risk management. With IPSec vSOC capabilities of meeting large scale demands, IPSec is ideally positioned to deliver on the growing requirements of all organizations.

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