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Jarod Wang | Co-founder and Vice President of Sales & Service at IPLOOK Networks

IPLOOK Networks: Shaping the Future of Connectivity

The way the mobile network industry has grown in the last decade continues to be a big motivator for others to dive into this industry. Still, there is a growing demand for high-quality, reliable, and cost-effective 3G/4G/5G network services.

Thus, IPLOOK Networks, a leader in developing innovative 3G/4G/5G core network solutions, wanted to help global operators and even enterprises build their networks to meet that demand. IPLOOK sets itself apart through resolute in-house development, exceptional agility, and full interoperability with multiple vendors in the industry chain.

IPLOOK Networks empowers clients to choose the solutions that best suit their unique needs and budget. IPLOOK invests heavily in the growth and development of its R&D team, fostering a culture of continuous exploration and improvement.

Let’s see in detail how IPLOOK helps its clients build, expand and optimize their networks.

Connecting the Dots

Jarod Wang is the perfect example of a professional driven by an intense interest in the world of mobile networks. His career path, which began as a technical support engineer and went step by step to hold the position of Co-founder and Vice President of Sales & Service at IPLOOK Networks now, demonstrates his profound comprehension of the complex relationship between the latest innovations and the constantly shifting demand for dependable connections. His inherent vitality has served as a constant source of inspiration, propelling him to explore the potential of mobile networks to fundamentally alter the way we live.

The Journey of a Connected World Never Ends

Founded by industry veterans 12 years ago, IPLOOK empowers telcos globally with advanced mobile network solutions. Recognizing the surge in demand for reliable and affordable network infrastructure, it delivers scalable core network solutions for 3G, 4G, and 5G.

IPLOOK’s journey began in Asia, and its strategic expansion has led to a flourishing presence across Africa, the Middle East, and South America. Today, IPLOOK is a global leader, actively deploying networks and shaping the future of mobile connectivity.

Delivering Scalable Network Solutions

IPLOOK delivers future-proof network solutions with scalability and flexibility at its core. Its modular designs and adherence to 3GPP standards allow clients to effortlessly adapt to ever-changing network needs. Additionally, iMANO, its self-developed management platform, simplifies NFV infrastructure management, enabling operators to deploy new services, manage resources, and ensure their networks can grow seamlessly alongside their businesses.

Empowering Choice and Innovation

IPLOOK’s commitment to interoperability prioritizes client success. Its core network solutions seamlessly integrate with various network components, regardless of vendor. This commitment extends beyond industry giants like Ericsson, Huawei, Nokia and ZTE, encompassing innovative players like Baicells, BTI, Hytera, Telrad and Airspan. This comprehensive approach empowers clients with:

  • Unmatched Flexibility & Cost Control: IPLOOK’s focus on interoperability offers clients the freedom to choose solutions that best fit their budget and needs. No vendor lock-in allows for a customized and potentially more affordable network design.
  • Reduced Risk & Future-Proofing: Rigorous testing minimizes integration issues during deployment, leading to smoother network rollouts, faster time-to-market, and a future-proof infrastructure adaptable to evolving technologies.
  • Enhanced Choice & Innovation: IPLOOK’s commitment to open architecture fosters a competitive vendor landscape, driving innovation and ensuring access to the latest technologies from a wider range of providers.

Powering Innovation through R&D Excellence

IPLOOK’s R&D center, the heart of its innovation engine, maintains the company’s competitive edge in the market. Heavily invested in the growth and development of its R&D team, IPLOOK fosters a culture of continuous learning and exploration.

Here, talented engineers develop and refine core network solutions to address the ever-evolving landscape of the mobile network industry. This relentless pursuit of self- development and exploration, extending to cutting-edge technologies like 6G and AI integration, fuels groundbreaking innovation reflected in IPLOOK’s industry- leading core network solutions and growing patent portfolio—a testament to the brilliance of the R&D team.

Focusing on Customer-Centricity and Technology Development

IPLOOK understands that the mobile core network is the central nervous system of any mobile telecommunications network. This focus is evident in its constant exploration of vertical applications and its commitment to R&D.

To stay ahead in this dynamic industry, IPLOOK prioritizes customer-centricity. IPLOOK implements win-win strategies and cultivate strong partnerships with industry leaders and innovators. This collaborative approach ensures it remains at the forefront of advancements, delivering best- in-class, turn-key solutions for its clients.

Empowering Network Diversity

IPLOOK’s diverse client base encompasses MNO, MVNO, WISP, and enterprise. The company empowers them to build, expand, and optimize their networks, fostering a more diversified network landscape within the industry.

IPLOOK’s core network product suite offers deployment flexibility. It can be installed on either cloud platforms or a COTS server, catering to diverse needs. This empowers network operators and enterprises to choose the approach that best suits them, ensuring an agile entry into the market, smooth transitions, and a clear upgrade path for future growth.

Connecting the World through Advanced Network Solutions

A global focus is paramount for IPLOOK, with its extensive footprint keeping the company connected to clients worldwide. This deepens its understanding of regional market trends and allows it to address specific local needs. With a network of offices spanning Asia, Africa, America, and Europe, it offers 24/7 support and has deployed dedicated technical teams in key markets like MENA, Africa, and LATAM.

This global presence empowers IPLOOK to deliver customized solutions, expand market reach, and build stronger client relationships. Furthermore, to ensure exceptional service delivery, the team conducts regular training and discussion meetings for its global technical support teams, fostering knowledge sharing and strengthening capabilities.

Comprehensive Product Portfolio Translates More Applications

IPLOOK takes pride in its comprehensive product portfolio, which encompasses 5GC, EPC, 4G & 5G Converged Core, IMS, and NB-IoT core. This product lineup offers a range of solutions designed to empower operators and enterprises to build and optimize their networks, translating to tangible benefits for clients.

It delivers enhanced network efficiency, leading to cost savings and smoother operations. Additionally, IPLOOK’s solutions ensure a superior customer experience through uninterrupted service and faster connection speeds. High scalability is built-in, allowing for seamless network expansion to accommodate future growth. Virtualized deployment provides flexibility and agility for faster network rollouts.

Ultimately, this translates to a wider range of supported services and applications. Its solutions empower clients to deploy new networks, expand existing ones, optimize performance, and introduce innovative services, solidifying its position in the ever-evolving mobile network landscape.

Leading the Charge in Mobile Network Innovation

As a member of industry organizations like 3GPP, GSMA, GSA, and CCSA, IPLOOK is a leading voice actively shaping the future of mobile network technology. Its dedicated research group actively participates in 3GPP’s core network working groups, ensuring its core networks not only adapt to evolving standards but also contribute to the future direction of these critical technologies.

Beyond membership, IPLOOK stays connected to the industry pulse by attending trade shows and conferences. This allows it to exchange insights with customers and partners and stay abreast of emerging trends and best practices through face-to-face discussions.

Advice for Mobile Network Entrepreneurs

As a Co-Founder and VP of Sales & Service at IPLOOK Networks, Jarod Wang spent years navigating the ever-changing mobile network landscape. Here, Jarod shares some insights for aspiring entrepreneurs in this dynamic field:

  • Value & Problem-Solving First: Understanding the customer journey is paramount. Network operators and enterprises face a multitude of challenges, from optimizing performance to managing costs. Focus on identifying these pain points and developing solutions that deliver tangible value.
  • The Power of Relationships: The mobile network industry thrives on partnerships. Cultivate strong relationships with potential clients, industry leaders, and technology partners. This network will be invaluable for securing deals, staying ahead of trends, and collaborating on innovative solutions.
  • Customer Success is King: In a competitive market, prioritize customer success. Go beyond just selling a product; ensure your clients have the resources and support to maximize the benefits of your solution. Exceeding expectations fosters long-term partnerships and positive word-of-mouth referrals.
  • Trusted Advisor Status: Accumulate experience and develop a deep understanding of industry trends, advancements, and regulations. By offering valuable guidance tailored to client needs, you position yourself as a go-to resource.
  • Adaptability is Key: The mobile network industry is constantly evolving. Entrepreneurs need to be adaptable and embrace change. Stay informed about emerging technologies, market shifts, and evolving customer needs. Remain flexible in your approach to ensure your solutions maintain relevance and competitiveness.

Remember, understanding the customer’s story is key. By prioritizing these strategies and demonstrating how your offerings address specific needs and deliver a positive impact, you’ll establish yourself as a trusted partner within the mobile network landscape.