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IPG Group: A Competent Partner Engaged in IAM Projects

Nowadays in complex computing environments, along with heightened security threats, a strong username and password don’t cut it anymore. Therefore, identity management systems often incorporate elements of biometrics, machine learning and artificial intelligence, and risk-based authentication. In this overarching goal of Information Procidentity management, ess Group (IPG) aims to align the strategic orientation of the Identity & Access Management activities. The organization measures the gradual implementation of the technical and the ongoing operation of the identity & access management solution optimally while providing users with individual training opportunities at any time.
Additionally, as a leading provider and operator of identity and access management solutions in Europe, IPG deals exclusively and specializes in the analysis, assessment, planning and implementation of solutions for the management of user data and access rights.
A Marketing Specialist 
IPG is led by Marco Rohrer, the CEO and Managing Director, who believes in continuity and long-term identity & access management activities. Marco being a graduated Business Economist FH with specialization in entrepreneurship and organization & marketing advices on the design of user, authorization and process management roles. He also concentrates on certain specific areas in order to define requirements for the development of existing identity management infrastructures. In the last two years, Marco has been armored with great success and leads a comprehensive project for the introduction of an identity management infrastructure in the complex environment of a large, all-sector insurance.
Like before, the experts under his leadership are convinced that the company’s customers should not have to worry about the details of an IAM solution and can hand over their daily operations. Therefore, the experts of IPG are continuously expanding the Managed Services (IAM Operation Services) to further strengthen the company’s market position in the future.
A Holistic Approach 
Headquartered at Winterthur, Switzerland, IPG offers range of innovation and transformation identity & access management solutions like competent strategy, process and organizational consulting to technology consulting, industry-specific implementation, stable operation and tailor-made training. Further as a full-service provider, IPG also offers operating services and managed services as well as a comprehensive training program in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Being one of the pioneers in the IAM space, IPG assumes responsibility as a business partner and has proven competence in the realization of complex IAM solutions for almost 20 years. Today, the IPG Group is one of the leading consulting and integration companies for IAM. Further IPG promises successful projects based on a holistic approach with the sophisticated best practices and comprehensive industry in various fields form the basis for a favorable IAM business partnership.
A New Level of Business Process 
The optimal exploitation of IAMs potential benefits at the level of business processes can only be achieved based on comprehensive consideration and proactive control at various levels. In order to realize these potential benefits for its customers, IPG has established a strong advisory competence, which ensures that the necessary tasks within the framework of the IAM projects are implemented efficiently.
Nevertheless, it is currently noticeable that service companies are trying to enter the market by addressing newer topics such as customer or consumer identity management. However, IPG sees itself well prepared to operate successfully in the market in the long term. Expertise and experience in this segment are an essential prerequisite. Customers expect consulting and implementation expertise and want to benefit best practices.
With qualified experts, IPG stands for consistent methods in IAM strategy from implementation to operation and for orientation & predictability with a step-by-step approach with clear action fields and guides, scalable and prioritized adaptation to customer needs.
Future Expansion 
Since the IAM market has changed greatly, especially concerning software vendors. IPG is constantly reviewing technologies which are in demand, in order to offer significant new opportunities, but is also committed to proven, long-term partnerships. This also forms a basis for differentiating in the market from new competitors. Through a comprehensive product and technology expertise IPG is able to combine this with procedural and organizational expertise.
Additionally, IPG continues to focus on growth and expanding its leading position in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and focusing in the expansion of managed services. On the other hand, it is also actively engaging with topics such as IAM, Blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT) in order to continue to be a competent partner for IAM in a time of increasing digitalization.
Reflections of Trustworthiness 
“The professional operational support allows us to flexibly lead the IAM operation with full cost transparency and ensures that our IAM system is up to date” – Yves Oggier, Head of IT Operation Support Processes at Sanitas Health Insurance, Switzerland
“Being able to access current IAM Knowledge without having to create our own department and complete cost transparency is important to us” – Simone Bonanni, Head Engineering and Operations, AMAG