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iPEGS: Empowering Users with Customized Digital Forms

In this day and age there are a variety of organizations that have developed applications across multiple sectors to help reduce paper usage and increase efficiency via digital data collection. Among these companies is iPEGS – an innovative mobile application and web form company that enables its customers to build customized digital forms.
With their headquartered based in Chester, UK, iPEGS aims to help businesses and organisations to Go Paperless. Customers and employees can easily access, complete and submit forms via the iPEGS Mobile Form Apps or as Web Forms. They can also create and send forms remotely or complete forms face-to-face. The iPEGS Form Apps also work offline so an internet connection is not always essential. The iPEGS products help its customers reduce paper, improve efficiency and save time across a wide variety of industries including education, construction and recruitment.
Expertise Personified 
Adam Leese, Co-founder and CEO of iPEGS describes doing good business is a key part of the company’s ethics along with world class customer service. In the late 90s, Adam completed his graduation from Glyndwr University and holds a HND degree in sound engineering and a Bachelor of Science in Multimedia computing. Soon after his graduation Adam won the Shell Livewire Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award 1999. Adam then went on and started his corporate career at Unilever PLC and has since worked for a variety of successful companies in roles such as e-Consultant, Web & Marketing Manager, Operations Director and Managing Director. Adam’s future plans include growing the business with a focus on emerging technologies including video, voice and blockchain. Adam also plans to use his experience and knowledge of paperless technologies to help educate others via a new YouTube channel which will be launching in the coming months.
Delivering Innovation 
iPEGS was originally created to solve the issues associated with government funded paperwork relating to work based learning such as apprenticeships delivered by UK Colleges and Training providers. The iPEGS team believes in sharing best practice with all of their customers and partners. All new product features and improved processes are shared with all. The iPEGS team also believes that working in partnership with other solutions providers is a good business strategy because they recognize that there is no such thing as a single solution and that utilizing specialist providers in partnership is the most effect option.
In the early stages of the company, iPEGS faced challenges while trying to implement the iPEGS paperless solutions into companies which were resistant to change and had unrealistic expectations. To solve this issue iPEGS the team helped customers to focus on the quick wins that would lead to immediate cost savings and benefits to the organization. By successfully doing this, the resistance to change was overcome and the customers could then focus on implementing the solution to other parts of the business thus increasing the benefits and savings.
Currently the company is utilizing the latest technologies to solve the numerous issues associated with paper based forms within the education, construction, recruitment, beauty and cosmetic sectors to name a few and is constantly looking to break into new industries. The company states “that no matter what the size or type of the organisation, we all experience the same issues when it comes to paper.”
Additionally, iPEGS is constantly developing and evolving its products based on customer needs and requirements. More importantly, all of the new features that are developed are made available which results in a direct benefit to all of its users, enhancing the offering for new sectors and of course new customers.
Future Endeavors 
iPEGS goal is to help as many businesses and organisations as possible to go paperless so that they can benefit from the massive savings in time, paper, expenses and costs all of which can help them to succeed in the future. iPEGS aims to become a world leader in providing paperless solutions and continues to expand its products with the support of the latest technologies.
Words of Trust 
“If you want outstanding support, professional communications and flexibility then iPEGS is the right choice. It is always going the extra mile to provide exceptional customer service and a seamless product. The team has been very proactive and innovative in helping us to develop a new way of working within our apprenticeship division.” – Eileen Ball, People Plus Group Ltd.
“The feedback from learners and employers has been excellent. They view the use of the iPads in gathering data both more professional and more efficient than the traditional pen and paper approach, and the quality and consistency of the data we gather has also improved too due to features within the product. The training and ongoing support from the team at iPEGS has been really impressive. The system is so easy to use and we were very quickly able to create new forms ourselves as we needed them, as well as editing the existing suite of forms we have created. The team at iPEGS is always available if we need to speak to them and to share ideas and suggestions for future development, and we see the relationship very much as a partnership.” – Phil Stittle, West Suffolk College
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