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iovation : Device-Based Authentication & Fraud Prevention

iovation was founded in 2004 with one simple goal-make the Internet a safer place for people to do business. Today, iovation continues to provide a real-time service that exposes online fraudsters and the devices they use to damage online businesses.

Every single day, iovation screens 13 million transactions and stops 250,000 fraudulent and risky transactions across a variety of online industries including financial services, retail, travel, gaming and online communities. Its SaaS solution exposes the reputation of devices (computers, tablets and mobile phones) that connect to online businesses. The company significantly reduces financial losses from fraud and abuse, while increasing operational efficiencies, and enables businesses to benefit from the collective experience of others.

Greg Pierson – The Visionary

Greg Pierson, Co-founder, CEO, & Board Member of iovation, is the creative leader behind the use of reputation systems to prevent fraud and abuse of online services. With more than 20 years of experience in building real-time business systems, Greg has a passion for developing leading fraud fighting solutions that make the Internet a safer place to do business.

Risk & Authentication Services

iovation’s risk and authentication services protect online businesses from fraud and abuse, while securing the identity and privacy of its customers. Some of the world’s biggest companies leverage iovation’s authentication service to validate customers at login.

iovation verifies whether a customer who just entered their password to log into their online account is using an authorized device-such as a laptop or mobile phone. Simultaneous checks are run by iovation to look for risk indicators such as device imperson-ation, identification evasion or behavioral anomalies. Devices recognized as authorized and low-risk gain access transparently, eliminating friction for trusted users. High-friction traditional second factor methods can still be used for authorizing new or unauthorized devices.

iovation rises above its competitors with industry leading uptime and availability, flexible business rules, granular sharing of data, unrivaled customer service and NPS score of 53 (average SaaS company NPS is 15).

A Community for a Safer Internet

Online businesses such as CashStar, Expedia, AT&T Performing Arts Center, Aviva Insurance, Cupid Media, Ingo Money, Genting Alderney and Paf have joined iovation’s cybercrime intelligence network, and continue to leverage its knowledge base of 2.5 billion devices and 25 million reports of fraud and abuse to detect and shut down fraudsters on their website and mobile apps.

iovation’s core company values remain a constant for their entire organization, which are to pursue excellence, learn, act with integrity, innovate like an owner and build partnerships. today, the company remains driven to gain global reputation insight into every consumer while adhering to its mission of making the Internet a safer and more valuable experience.

iovation launched its device-based authentication service in 2015 and is excited to see how clients benefit from being able to validate customers at login every single day. For example, Ntrust, a global peer-to-peer money transfer platform, was facing high volumes of manual reviews. Using iovation’s mobile sdk for iOS and Android apps, they were able to cut fraud by 75% and reduce customer friction.