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IoT Group: Paving the Way to Innovative Technology

The IoT has been a disclosure as it has given rise to smarter, agile techniques for helping businesses create new ways to connect with customers, and drive revenue opportunities through product innovations. As companies explore the possibilities of the ‘IoT’, they are discovering an ever-increasing range of applications, across a variety of industries. Although much of the publicity has surrounded consumers’ usage, research indicates that the market potential exists in the traditional Machine to Machine (M2M) learning applications. These applications encompass the business desire to increase productivity and realize the best value from their equipment assets. To realize this value, newer solutions must be enabled with a broader perspective. IoT is the opportunity to transform data into information that can transform the businesses.
IoT Group offers a unique approach towards making that complicated process easier. With a long history in M2M connectivity hardware for rugged and demanding environments, they have designed and developed a unique technology platform to enable the connected intelligence required IoT. IoT group goes beyond the technology to change the world.
IoT Group: An Innovative Hub
In May 2015 IoT Group was born out of Outdoor Konnect (OK) and IoT Group. Through this unity, they have successfully tapped into global niche markets by adapting and enhancing existing trend products and making them more useful. But, they have a bigger vision.
IoT Group is the innovator of tomorrow; the disruptor of today; achieving progress through the creation of a new and useful technology with revolutionary ideas, and bringing it to the world. What sets them apart, is that they create their products to be more useful, more fun and most importantly, more accessible! At the core, they are a unique and diverse group of creators, innovators, inventors and big thinkers. They ensure that they are at the forefront of the rapidly growing, evolving and expanding IoT industry. Their culture, people, network and young at heart spirit combined with some of the smartest technology innovators and businessmen bringing a wealth of global experience. As a group, they covered a number of bases in the IoT space through their wearable smart devices and facial recognition flying selfie camera, ROAM-e. In their product pipeline, IoT group soon will be releasing a home automation suite, universal computing device, holographic systems and virtual & augmented reality.
Person behind the Facades of Success
Simon Kantor, Founder & Executive Director of IoT Group, began his professional career in late 2004 when he was employed by Nu Solutions where he worked on several projects involving testing, correcting and developing code for some major Australian corporations including Westpac Bank, Macquarie Bank, Commonwealth Bank, NSW Rail and the Department of Community Services. Simon has spent the past 12 years working around the globe with leaders of innovative technology.
Simon is known for thinking outside the box and has consulted on projects with Google, Intel, IBM and Microsoft as well as major government organizations such as NSW Health, the Royal Australian Navy, and NATO. A key highlight of Simon’s career is while he was at NSW Health, within four weeks he managed to deploy optimization software successfully to over 130,000 users despite the $30m. Simon is truly a global citizen speaking multiple languages and having spent the majority of his career consulting for multinationals around the world.
Simon is truly proud of his ROAM-e, the flying selfie camera, his very unique invention and the selfie stick evolution. He invented the unique and innovative technology that uses the facial recognition operated through smart devices and vision control systems.
“We make sure that we are continuously at the fore of the IoT industry by coming up with unique and bespoke technology that can be applicable to the everyday consumer, but making technology affordable,” says Simon.
When ROAM-e’s inventor Simon Kantor, thought about how they could make the selfie stick better, his idea was to make it fly! Utilizing industry-specific innovation and technology, IoT Group created the first facial recognition flying selfie device operated through smartphones and vision control systems.
Built with smart facial recognition system technology, ROAM-e will follow its owner for up to 20 minutes in the air and charges in just two hours! ROAM-e will always capture perfectly uninterrupted 360° panoramic shots with its 1080p HD camera. And never miss a moment with its live streaming capabilities, so the action is always in real time whenever, wherever. ROAM-e is a personal companion that will always be within 3m from its owner, so there is no worry about invading anyone else’s space! Built with the world’s first dual-axis collapsible blades, means that ROAM-e is light, compact and easy to carry and ready for any occasion. But most importantly not weigh down. Selfies have reached new heights!
“We’re big believers in culture, people and teams being the key to our success.”
IoT Group combines some of the smartest young technology innovators with seasoned businesspersons bringing a wealth of global experience. As IoT Group is only a small team of 15, each person wears many hats adopting a “can do” attitude no matter which is task ahead. Despite the challenges and dynamicity of their industry and business, their strong team always manages to get the task ahead done!