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InXite Health Systems: Perfect Partner to Operationalize Value-Based Care

The healthcare industry is evolving swiftly, with pressure coming from new regulations and changing demographics. The healthcare landscape is in a near continual state of reinvention, and getting to the right approach to demonstrate the value of care is essential for healthcare institutions. Healthcare providers and public health experts aim to enhance quality while staying nimble and adapting to the value-based care models: maximizing value for patients and delivering the best outcomes at the lowest cost. The transformation from fee-for-service model to patient-centered coordinated care is well under way; the challenge in embracing value-based care model should not be underestimated, given the entrenched interests and practices of many decades.
Columbus, Ohio-based InXite Health Systems is a healthcare innovation company, acting as a catalyst, expediting the transformation of all stakeholders including payers, health systems and providers in the U.S. healthcare system providing the technology, services, and expertise needed to operationalize and optimize patient-centered coordinated care.
InXite Health Systems’ mission is leading the way in delivering a truly effective and cost-efficient value-based care solution for health care industry participants. The company leverages proven technologies, techniques, approaches and business models to help overcome the main challenges payors and providers face in moving from the fragmented, “Pay-for-Service” model to the desired patient-centered, team oriented “Value-based Care Model.”
Meet the Maestro behind InXite
James Paat, CEO of InXite Health Systems is a serial entrepreneur and recognized industry expert in the fields of data integration, information sharing, collaboration, and innovation. James brings 30 years of experience with Global 1000 companies, government agencies, payers and healthcare providers to identify, build, implement, and manage effective data sharing strategies.
Under James leadership, InXite stays intensely occupied with the industry’s current challenges and ahead of the opportunities to ensure that the value-based care solution they provide address the most pressing issues and opportunities in the fast changing health care landscape.
James assures, “Through our Managed Services offering; we are responsible for operationalizing and optimizing value-based care on behalf of our Customer. InXite becomes an extension of our Customer’s staff responsible for providing the expertise, technology and patient navigation resources required to capture new value-based care related incentives and avoid potential penalties associated with poor patient outcomes.”
Revolutionary Spectrum of Products & Services
The InXite system was designed to address the most critical challenges healthcare organizations face in moving to value-based care: 1) Getting the right and relevant data that helps better understanding of the risks and needs of the patient; 2) Effectively and cost-efficiently turning that data into information insights that are actionable for improving patient outcomes; and 3) Creating near real-time interactive views of the data to help payers and providers make the better decision for continuously improving patient outcomes.
What especially makes the InXite value-based care platform unique is that the solution does not simply provide a point-solution for an individual stakeholder, but rather provides a system that enables all stakeholders including the payor, health system, and small-to-large providers to effectively coordinate care and better engage patients which will drive improved outcomes.
InXite Smartcare System creates a single, unified, shared care plan for the patient and the patient’s care team. The advanced care coordination and patient engagement capabilities of the system enable the providers to better coordinate tasks and significantly improve on how they can engage the patient to follow the care plan. If a patient is not following provider-directed care plan, the InXite system alerts appropriate individuals so that a proactive intervention can be made. The platform automatically records results and renders it into the InXite’s Patient Need Score and Health Score which allows the provider to understand the needs and risks of the patient better. InXite’s distinct features also deliver weekly reminders to the patient about appointments and medications, while sending alerts to Patient Navigator when items on the care plan are not adhered to.
Care Coordination Services & Consulting leverage advanced technology and care coordination expertise to help providers meet quality and service standards, without having to invest in infrastructure and personnel. The company significantly reduces the time, effort, resources and costs for a provider to implement any value-based care model by providing unique technology, resources, approaches and business models.
Specialized Apps optimized especially for clinical workflow are designed to integrate with InXite SmartCare Coordination platform to seamlessly help providers and organizations achieve quality standards, enhance reimbursements and simplify reporting.
Continuous Innovation
InXite continuously follows technologies and innovations that can help play a role in improving patient outcomes. That includes data interfacing and interoperability, mobile, video, messaging, wearable devices, cognitive thinking solutions, social media and analytic tools. The InXite System was designed as an open system so that they could easily add new functionality and third party apps as needed. “We are careful to select and implement new technologies and apps, so it is a seamless workflow,” says James
He adds “At InXite, we use that same creative process to imagine how we can improve patient outcomes and overcome obstacles payors and providers face. We are always striving to be the best and deliver as much value as possible.”
InXite is positioned firmly to be the leading value-based care platform. The company project significant growth in overall patients served, provider and payor relationships. They are continuously improving technology, enhancing their partnerships, and expanding their reach.

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