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Investment by Vickers Venture Partners in Startups Raises to $230 Million

Vickers Venture Partners declares to increase the rate of investment in startups across the world by US$230 million, of which US$40 million is through an RMB vehicle. The company’s fifth fund, Fund V, is their largest fund till date and is considered to be the largest non-governmental linked Venture capital fund in Southeast Asia. Fund V is larger than the previous four funds put together – Fund I: US$9 million, Fund II: US$33 million, Fund III: US$63 million, Fund IV: US$81 million.
Vickers Venture Partners was launched in 2005 by Dr Finian Tan (Chairman) and four other partners, Dr Khalil Binebine, Dr Jeffrey Chi, Dr Damian Tan and Linda Li. It is a venture capital firm with a global recognition and proven track records in the region and beyond. This firm has offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, New York and San Diego, and another office opening in San Francisco in 2018. The company covers life sciences, technology, media, and telecommunications as well as consumer and financial services.
Dr Finian Tan, Chairman of Vickers Venture Partners, is best-known as the first investor in Baidu, investing US$6 million when the startup was valued at US$20 million. His other big investment is in San Diego-based biotech startup “Samumed” where he and his co-investors own approximately 11 percent of the company which is now valued at US$12 billion.