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Invest in rest: why it’s crucial your employees utilise their lunch break

Rested and well-fed employees mean a more productive and healthier workplace. Feel like you could get more out of your workers? A good start is encouraging employees to make the most of their lunch break. Read more to find out why the lunch break is so important, and consider acting on the following suggested ideas for how you could help your employees.

Why it’s so important

A typical employee spends several hours each day hard at work, sat at a computer or on the phone. A lunch break provides that worker with the opportunity for a change of scenery and to re-energise, meaning they can return to work refreshed and work more efficiently. A study by ScienceDaily shows that taking a break can have a real impact on increasing productivity in the workplace. If workers aren’t making the most of their lunch breaks, then overall productivity will be diminished.

Healthy body, healthy mind

Healthy body, healthy mind
Encouraging short periods of basic exercise in the workplace can help to improve both the physical and mental health of your employees. As outlined on the NHS website, a brisk 10-minute walk can have a lot of health benefits and leave employees feeling energised and ready to go back to work.
You could also think about setting up a weekly group exercise event, such as yoga. Doing regular exercise and getting some fresh air are both proven to improve physical and mental health. As well as boosting employee wellbeing, this can have a beneficial effect on rates of sickness absence, making your business even more productive. Encouraging even a little exercise can go a long way.

An Apple a day – encourage healthy eating 

The kinds of food that you and your employees eat will have an effect on energy levels. Promoting healthy eating at work could have long-term benefits both for the health of your employees and the productivity of your workplace. To be clear, this doesn’t mean banning sugary foods from the office, as your employees won’t love you for that. Instead, look at introducing a fruit bowl.
Try to set an example with the kind of food you eat; again, this doesn’t mean you have to be a saint, but being seen eating the occasional apple won’t do anyone any harm. If your workplace has a canteen or staff restaurant, encourage healthy options.
If you’re looking for an office or to find new premises, you should consider BE Offices’ excellent selection of serviced offices. These include, amongst numerous benefits such as fast Wi-Fi and high-performance furniture, access to a gym – a great incentive for staff to get fit – and the provision of fresh fruit in the workplace.

It’s good to have some time out  

Don’t be afraid that you will lose productivity by making the change. Encouraging employees to get fresh air, exercise and recuperate can help make your workers more focused. Make sure that your employees are given the space and the time they need to replenish their energy on their lunch breaks, and everyone will feel the benefit.

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