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Invest in Africa – The Fertile Land

The needs of the habitants of Africa are numerous when you provide at least a few off the list, you will enjoy the unlimited return on your investment, with a high degree of happiness curling beyond business but also relationships, social engagements, and lucrative advances.

Africa is black and black is Africa; this is the place where nature and beauty of humanity tops the elevator of comparison. When you want to be loved and accepted as you are, not minding your religion, class, tribe or origin, you must think of Africa.
The major point in the mind of every prospective investor could include; the market place, accessible environment, economy state, human resource and external features like the weather. Nobody wants to spray his seeds where it won’t germinate with at least, an above average return. To get your hands on such a promising fertile field of cultivation, you must think of Africa.
Africa Geography
The home of more than 54 internationally recognized states, with the population of about 1.216 billion, ranking as the world’s second largest continent and ranging on the area coverage of 30.37 km^2; that’s what Africa is when geography is a concern.
The yardstick of success in Africa
When you want to have the interest of another, then you have to tip into his imaginative world, to have mentioned a thing I desire most, then I will do everything to follow you down the trail. To make money in a new environment, you must provide what the inhabitants need. Let’s compare with the possible future needs of Asia; like power, more infrastructure, education, food, and security. The moment you stand in fore front of these needs with possible and positive means to obtain or make them accessible at least with a good percentage of the mass, then you won’t need to struggle to make a profound gain that comes with your service.
In Africa, the need for everyone could be aligned with the below list

  • Food for Africa
  • Infrastructure improvement
  • Technology advancement
  • Waste Management / Recycling
  • Health facilities
  • Quality Education
  • Security strategies and Good governance.

Never tell an African, the stories of what you could have done, could do or about to do; get active and do something physical, he will follow with all necessary resources to give your goals light.
Food for Africa:
The basic need of every man around the globe has an attachment with food. We all need food, to survive and to remain healthy.
A Hungry man is an angry man
Come to Africa with your ideas to better their life by providing food for the mass and they will pay for your service at all cost. Remember you can find all the necessary resources to provide the food needed but because there is a limited knowledge in the technical approach,  no one can process these raw materials to a desired finished product.
Infrastructure improvement:
The stability of life in every part of the world has a lot to do with infrastructure. To have that conducive, accommodating, encouraging and lucrative environment, we need good and quality infrastructure.
The call for the provision of “Good Road, Water etc.” is on the rise, you may want to invest in this through industrial involvement and you will stand to testify of very good return.
Waste Management / Recycling:
Many countries in the world are using some part of Africa as a place to dump the remains of their industrial remains. Ranging from organic spills to metallic remains; like outdated vehicles. Africa needs a way out of these unfortunate happenings, to reduce or stop it entirely. When you look around the environs of Africa you will find a lot refugees of which there are various means of to make second use of them, but few know how to do this, an investor with quality amenities to handle this field will have the good story to tell in the near future about his experience in Africa.
Technology Advancement:
The future is based on Technology, everyone wants to become digital, close to information and live a comfortable life, Africa is a place to consider as very much in need of this. The growth is on the rise and the demand is becoming higher than the supply. Give Africa quality technology and go home with lifetime unquestionable return on investment
Health facility:
The rising need of stable health facilities in Africa is a thing of concern, most inflicted ones, run out of the continent in search of better means of regaining health, to solve this problem in Africa is to fill your pocket with treasures of wealth.
Quality Education:
You think education, you think Africa, and everyone wants quality education within his reach. The intellectual upkeep in Africa needs more of both the local and international investors.
Security strategies and Good Governance:
The point of discussion within the recent days in Africa is really creating a threat to the common man on the street; the atmosphere is losing the grip on a stable and happy environment. The public needs the reassurance of living without fear. Investors are needed here, both in technology engagements and human force.
Let’s go to Africa and invest. This is the market place to trade your resources because of its promising environment. Everything you put in Africa is coming back with unimaginable gain, so why not put in your best to save for the future. To achieve this is now or never.

By Chidiebere Moses Ogbodo.

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