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Invenias: An Innovative Cloud-Based Platform For Executive And Strategic Hiring

In today’s talent acquisition world, every business needs high-performing executives to move their business to the next horizon. Invenias is a fast growth software provider, specializing in cloud-based technology for executive search and strategic recruitment firms, in-house executive recruitment teams, and executive talent organizations within Private Equity and Venture Capital firms. Based in Reading, United Kingdom, Invenias operates throughout the US, Asia, EMEA with 65 employees. Invenias has over 750 customers worldwide, with users in 60 different countries.
David Grundy, Co-founder of Invenias, started his career as a graduate at FTSE 100-listed engineering giant IMI, which took him into the technology arena. He worked for Oracle, StorageNetworks and eCal, before co-founding technology executive search firm Erevena, and then Invenias.
Whilst at Erevena, David looked at the existing software serving the search market and was uninspired, unable to identify a product that users would really want to use and therefore achieve full adoption by the team. He observed most of the executive search and recruitment market was under-served by technology, perhaps later than some sectors at embracing how technology was central to the way businesses could be run.
This led to the specification of a bespoke solution that was fully integrated with Outlook, with the server based in the cloud, and Invenias was launched in 2005, to offer this solution to the wider market. In 2013, Invenias took institutional investment from MMC Ventures to fund international expansion and development. Today, the Invenias platform offers a suite of desktop and mobile apps which allow search professionals to digitally engage with their candidates and clients, at the same time having the capability to access their data whilst on the move.
Invenias’ Simple, Intuitive and Easy to Use Products
Invenias’ products are elegantly simple, intuitive and easy to use – and change the way search professionals do business. The company prides itself on constant innovation, with regular updates and support all included in the monthly license cost. Invenias’ customers love the easy to use desktop and mobile apps, and the cloud-based platform which reduces complexity and cost. The Invenias platform has been chosen by leading global search firms such as Amrop UK, Harvey Nash Executive Search, ON Partners and Sheffield Haworth.
Invenias’ clients benefits from real insights and timely access to their data, with efficiencies derived from better data, both in terms of access and quality. The productivity of search teams working seamlessly within the familiar environment of Outlook is increased dramatically. It means they can carry out more searches, in quicker time, ultimately increasing the profitability of the company.
Invenias’ satisfied clients’ views:
“Invenias enhanced significantly the productivity of our search process, while optimizing our efforts bringing further and faster results.”- Stephen Stott, CEO, Stott and May
“We have confidence that the Invenias platform, and the Invenias team will ensure that we can continue to adapt to the constantly changing world around us.”- Magnus Tegborg, CEO, Harvey Nash Executive Search/Alumni
“It is important to us that we work with a vendor that has good market traction and an impressive install base”- Seth Harris, Partner, ON Partners
Invenias is rapidly expanding in the US, with the team growing by 50% in 2016. The market for in-house executive search is also expanding and will become an increasingly large part of the customer base, with executive search teams at companies such as Royal Bank of Canada, Weetabix, TUI Travel and Tesla Motors all using Invenias to run their business.