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Introducing a New App for Mobile Workforce

An American multinational technology company recently launched their first Made for India chat messaging application called Kaizala.  The design of this application is to provide communication between the large groups. And it can permit messages to be sent to millions of people in a group, at the same time. It is available for download on iOS and Android platform.
This product will make it possible for an organization to connect all their employees through the new app. Microsoft Kaizala has been improved for 2G networks to allow connectivity in remote locations and offers features with offline support.
kaizala is a mobile app that is designed for work management purpose. Basically, it is a chat based proactive solution to manage work. Users can shares documents, Excel sheets through this system.
Some organizations that have large workforces especially with resources on the ground, who necessarily need not have the Microsoft suite of productivity apps at their domain, could still be great users of the chat application to communicate and collaborate on a real time basis.
After this product launch, Microsoft plans to lead with 9000 strong partner network to gain power in the market. The company is also approached by Government departments and ministers to adopt this messaging application for their communication purpose. Andhra Pradesh Government has started using this app for their real time governance.
The company added, “The product offers a simple and familiar chat interface and goes beyond to make everyone more productive using Surveys, Polls, Jobs, Meetings and other actions, right in your chats. The company also claims that Kaizala is a unique solution and it can work during slow network as well.”
It is the most convenient application where people can do their work through chat.