You are currently viewing Intratem: A Comprehensive Mobile Solution Tailored to Fit Your Company’s Specific Goals

Intratem: A Comprehensive Mobile Solution Tailored to Fit Your Company’s Specific Goals

Mobility has allowed businesses to untether their employees and enable for never before seen freedom in operations. From the early days of Nextel to the current smartphone and wearable evolution, businesses are able to have workers be anywhere, yet reachable at any time. With the advent of enterprise apps, businesses can now virtualize almost any aspect of their operation and see unprecedented productivity as well as maximum growth with a significantly smaller than before investment. Intratem—a comprehensive mobile solution tailored to fit your company goals has recognized this tremendous impact on company’s success ever since its founding in 2004. Intratem is a team of Mobility Lifecycle Management experts in saving companies millions of dollars on mobile expenses, improving security, and taking on the burden of mobile support; all without switching carriers or spending any additional corporate funds.
Managing the Entire Mobility Lifecycle with Decades of Combined Experience 
Intratem manages the entire mobility lifecycle, from the moment a device is purchased and assigned to an employee to the time the device needs to be recycled. It also takes care of all aspects of the mobile environment, procurement, provisioning, security, cost control, asset control, end-user & managerial support, reporting, and much more. This way, companies no longer need to worry about their carrier/corporate/user relationship, instead they can have the time and resource to dedicate to more mission-critical tasks and focus on growth.
Innovative Services that Addresses Clients’ Challenges 
Intratem’s services broadly address clients’ challenges and add value to their business. Below are some of the solutions Intratem provides:
Help Desk: At no net-cost to its clients, Intratem’s team provides support and frees up the IT department to tackle other mission-critical tasks.
Cost reduction: Intratem reviews and adjusts a company’s monthly bills before the billing cycle closes, to keep its clients ahead of the curve.
Improved Security: Clients gain confidence in a company’s mobile data security with Intratem’s 360-degree approach from establishing mobile policy to MDM and fraud prevention.
Smart Data Controls: Intratem helps its clients refocus employees’ attention, further reduce cost, and gain critical real-time analytics and controls over company’s data plan with no apps to deploy.
Reporting & Analytics: It also offers to receive custom, easy-to-read reports that provide a clear insight into a client’s wireless behaviors that drives informed, cost-effective decisionmaking, and promotes technological growth.
Mobility Lifecycle Analysis: Intratem enables its clients to get a comprehensive audit of current mobile environment to identify critical issues, gaps, and areas of cost, security, as well as efficiency improvement.
Dimitry Malinsky, CEO of Intratem, passionate about mobile technology, he formulates and implements the strategic plan, which guides the overall direction of the organization. Dimitry believes in putting people before technology and loves his team of talented professionals that are not afraid to dream big. His success has been built on a strong focus on innovation, process, and accountability His extensive experience that allows him to be hands-on when developing cost and time-optimizing solutions is matched with the innate ability to sustain a successful and thriving business.
Understanding and Learning Overall Corporate Culture of Clients 
Back in Intratem’s foundling years, the concept of Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) wasn’t as ubiquitous in mid-level/enterprise companies as it is now. Thus, a lot of Intratem’s time was spent on customer education. Although Telecom Expense Management (TEM) was around for decades before EMM, combining cost controls with helpdesk and reporting was a novice idea and required patience and perseverance. But, Intratem overcame those challenges to become what it is known as now. Today, Intratem is not just any another software solution provider or a run of the mill cookie-cutter system. Instead, Intratem’s team of experts takes time to understand and learn not only mobility related issues of its clients, but also the overall corporate culture. The team takes the responsibility of making sure that its clients’ wireless bills are as promised, and all end-users are as productive as they can be.
Integrating Mobility into Business Areas 
Having a resource like Intratem, allows companies to integrate mobility into business areas which otherwise may have been neglected due to a low level of available internal support. With Intratem, IT can focus on missioncritical areas and allow Intratem to take on mobility. Ensuring that the costs, support, security, and transparency are all taken care of. Furthermore, Intratem improves user uptime and happiness, focusing on each individual person and their needs.
Going forward, enterprise mobility market size is estimated to double by 2021. With this, Intratem will continue to expand its offerings into fields such as IoT, wearables, analytics, and security.

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