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Inti Data Utama – An Innovative ERP and Analytics Solution Provider

The growth of ERP is nothing less than phenomenal. Over the time, it has proved to be among one of the best tools for managing procedures and resources along with coordinating multiple activities. In an enterprise management module performing key tasks like integral strategic planning, collating daily activities, and communicating with the stakeholders has become easier with the advent of the ERP platform. Aligning various components of the business into a single management system provides a detailed insight of entire organization. Additionally, with the amalgamation of ERP’s ability to consolidate extensive data into one platform and innovative BI tools, ERP and BI are working together to provide an effective data-based decision to businesses. ERP has a strong market share and independent researchers suggest that global ERP market is expected to amass forty-one billion USD, registering a CAGR of 7.2% during the period 2014-2020.
One such company which has placed its bet on ERP for its future growth is PT. Inti Data Utama (IDU). Incorporated in 1999, it focuses on delivering world-class ERP and business analytics solutions to early stage organizations, SME’s using innovative technologies. Consulting and Finance are the core competencies of IDU since inception. Their strategy to cement themselves as a complete solution provider has assisted them to evolve as a prominent player in providing effective ERP and analytics solutions.
Modernizing solutions for various industry verticals like travel management, manufacturing, wholesale distribution, real estate, automotive dealership and healthcare has assisted IDU to showcase their potential and efficiency in delivering customized solutions to their clients. Aligning with major IT companies to form a bigger group to provide different solutions under a single roof has helped IDU to enhance its foot base even into the unexplored territories. This has further strengthened the capabilities of IDU to provide solution in diverse areas like ERP, analytics, eCommerce, HRIS, and infrastructure to name a few.
The Tenacious Leader of IDU
Audie Suhandinata, Founder and CEO of Inti Data Utama is a perfect example of a pragmatic business leader. Having a practical and futuristic approach, he has been influential in creating an enabling environment for the change and transformation to happen. Audie is a science graduate as well as an MBA in management information system from California State University, Pomona (USA). He commenced his professional career as a management consultant and financial advisor in ‘Ernst and Young’ consultancy in Jakarta. His exposure in managing different engagements like ERP implementation, performance audit, SOP development and business process improvement at the start of his career assisted him to outshine as a future entrepreneur. After a stint of two years at EY, Audie founded IDU in 1999.
Partnering with SAP vendors – Key to Success
IDU has partnered with some of the best global ERP vendors to cater innovative solutions to their clients. This association helps IDU to showcase their business acumen and expertize among the partners and prospective clients. Some of its mentionable partners are:
SAP SE is a German-based MNC and is the market leaders in ERP segment with a myriad of product portfolios to cater SME’s. It develops enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations and provides ERP solutions to various sectors which include – finance, manufacturing, healthcare, CRM, supply chain, analytics among others.
Epicor is a US-based company and a worldwide leading software vendor specializing in providing ERP, CRM, and SCM solutions. It offers a wide variety of solutions for industries like hospitality, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and others. IDU is an authorized Epicor channel partner in Indonesia.
Salesforce is a pioneer in reinventing the CRM platform. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, the cloud-based software is one of the most highly valued cloud enabled companies and has been a preferred choice for clients.
Awards, Accolades and Achievements
As a prominent player in the ERP market, IDU’s domain expertise has won them various awards and recognitions over the years. Some of the mentionable awards are:
– Rookie of the Year – EPICOR ERP Asia Pacific (Year 2014)
– Top New Names – SAP Indonesia (Year 2008)
– Channel Partner Achievers Award – SAP South East Asia (Year 2007)
– Fastest Growing Partner – SAP Indonesia (Year 2016)
– First Partner Position – SAP Indonesia (Year 2016)
– First Partner Position – SAP Indonesia (Year 2017)
Future of ERP Industry
As a market leader in innovative ERP and analytics solution provider, IDU has a conceptualized the future roadmap of the company after gaining valuable insights through a detailed study of the ERP market that too with great precision. As a partner, IDU continues to follow the latest trends and technology designed by the industry giant like SAP SE and Salesforce. They have also partnered with an analytics firm from Japan to provide deeper insights to tap the future IoT market. Their focus area is to develop the enhancements received from the principal partners whenever a transition of technology takes place. For IDU, digital economy is still an unexplored domain where ERP solutions can highlight their dominance and can provide better opportunities. Another area where ERP solutions can be more effective is by embracing IoT and automation as robotics and artificial intelligence-enabled technologies will have a much-increased market share in the future.