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International Integrated Solutions: Giving Customers a Strategic Advantage that Leverages Transformational IT Services

Back in 1990, the IT industry was moving through a massive transformation, from mainframe to client server. The year is still remembered as a time of strong economic growth, low inflation, steady job creation, economic boom, rising productivity, and a surging stock market that resulted out from a combination of sound central monetary policy and rapid technological changes. Realizing what the future might hold for the IT industry, John Iacone garnered a team that was smart and agile to move as quickly as the changing technology market and the customers’ evolving business needs, and laid the foundation of International Integrated Solutions (IIS).
Today, after more than 25 years, IIS stands at the forefront of IT industry by providing consulting, Managed Services, IT solutions and integration at the highest level of partner designation from many vendors including HPE Platinum, Red Hat Premier, VMware Premier, Docker Premier status. Leveraging its HPE infrastructure expertise and project management knowledge to assist businesses and their IT departments in solving problems with technology, IIS gives its customers a strategic business advantage which they need. The firm advocates for clients’ businesses and becomes an extension of their team, enabling IIS to build synergistic relationships with Fortune 500 companies, midsized enterprises, fast growing start-ups, higher education, and government agencies at the local and state levels.
Delivering Projects on Time while Mitigating Risk 
Thanks to its time-tested Service Delivery Methodology and Framework, IIS has helped its customers deliver projects on time and within budget, all the while mitigating imminent risk. All this has been possible because of the company’s state-of-the-art integration center, where the team builds and tests prior to a delivery. With IIS’ Management Service Platform based on Service One, the firm can offer ongoing support to its customers. Much of the credit also goes to its team of experts, who apply practical experiences from IIS Lab to validate customers’ solutions and enable deep understanding of underlying technologies.
IIS believes in being quick to adjust to the technological transformations and for the same, the company helps its customers focus on being agile and adaptive to changes in the industry and adopt new solution. Every enterprise faces challenges in understanding and adopting new technologies to remain competitive, but one should strive to sort it out instead of avoiding it. IIS offers a varied range of groundbreaking services such as Project Management, Managed Services ,Hyper Converged and Composable Infrastructure, Hybrid Cloud Systems, Storage Architecture & Data Protection, Data Center Operations & Automation, Data Center Services, Systems Integration, and Enterprise Application Infrastructure.
An Entrepreneur Pioneering IT Industry 
Being the Founder and CEO of IIS, John has led a team dedicated in delivering the “IIS Advantage” to customers, who help pave the path to digital transformation, while ensuring the customers remain competitive in an increasingly challenging environment. Throughout his career, John has proved his mettle as an entrepreneur and led IIS to serve clientele with new and innovative solutions. Early on in his career, John took the path of entrepreneurship after successfully helping notable financial institutions, newspapers, business leaders and the military develop IT solutions to solve their complex technical challenges. His experiences helped him found IIS, and since 1990, there has been no looking back. Although initially, John was trained as an engineer, he quickly took the path of entrepreneurship. “With the combination of technical, business and people skills, I discovered that I had a gift for developing innovative, one-of a kind solutions that solve big problems. It’s who I am and why I founded IIS in 1990,” John affirms.
Employing the Best in Business 
Since its formation, IIS has focused on employing the best in the business and nothing less. IIS believes the highly accomplished, creative and passionate people are its strongest asset. Together, as an IT community, they encourage, empower and help each other to be even better and smarter — to provide The IIS Advantage.
“The confidence we have in ourselves and in each other enables our synergistic approach to remove obstacles and solve problems. Through these collaborations – fueled by the deft interchange of experience, knowledge and skills – challenges are met and expectations surpassed. At IIS, we do more than just capture the spirit of team; we embody it. Perhaps that’s why our people stay with us for a very long time,” John adds.
Committed to its Innovation and Service 
John believes a flexible business model is a must if one wants to retain clients and continues to innovate. At IIS, the team takes a common sense and vendor-agnostic approach to serve its clients’ business requirements, their applications and all possible use cases. Every IIS project starts with the engagement of its PMO. The firm’s trained and experienced personnel follow a Services Delivery Methodology and Framework to ensure clients’ success while its Consulting & Integration lifecycle approach provides a proven and disciplined approach to every engagement. The same approach has credited IIS with strong industry credibility for its commitment to excellence.
Moving forward, the company plans to double-down in Managed Services, mobility and hybrid IT. John adds, “By implementing one of our core strategies of constant and never-ending improvement (CANI), we are better able and equipped to learn and deploy new technologies faster and better than our customers who need to focus more on their day to day operations.”

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