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International Integrated Solutions: Enabling Your Business Advantage

Cloud and Big data at its core, International Integrated Solutions, Ltd. (IIS) is a provider of business critical IT infrastructure and services. Since its inception in 1990, IIS Technology has built high-status partnerships with the likes of HP, RedHat and VMware, and has garnered a prestige for itself as a trustworthy company that brings value to customers by deploying complex business critical IT solutions.
IIS leverages its industry-leading technology and transformational IT services to give a strategic business advantage to their customers. They advocate for the clients’ business which has enabled them to build synergistic relationships with Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized enterprises, fast growing startups; including Financial Services, Retail, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Digital Marketing, Government and Education.
Accelerating the Digital Transformation
IIS provides end-to-end consulting services and comprehensive IT solutions including Cloud, Big Data, hardware and software integration. Their offerings begin with the initial concept development during which, IIS Technology evaluates the target use case/application. This work is followed by an initial service deliverable using the IIS Project Management Methodology & Framework. A Proof of Concept can be conducted in-house at the client location of choice, at their state-of-the-art integration center, or on a public cloud. During a POC, they apply practical experiences from the IIS system engineering, administrative staff to build the underlying infrastructure and data science teams to validate solutions and enable deep understanding of underlying technologies.
Meeting and Exceeding the Expected Business Outcomes
IIS’s offerings often include integration of software and (customer specific) components which are necessary to operate and manage a successful business solution for their clients. Throughout their customer engagement and longstanding relationship, IIS works closely with their customers to Architect, Build, Migrate, Secure and Manage next-generation Analytics, Business Intelligence and Big Data Platforms to address client’s most challenging business use cases. This high level of due persistence has resulted in the achievement of measurable milestones, including targeted service levels that help meet the customers’ expected business outcomes.
A Strategic Implementation Partner
As a strategic implementation partner and sales channel for the leading technology manufacturers, IIS has invested heavily in the technical training and certifications to ensure successful implementation of complex IT solutions for its clients including: HP Platinum Partner, HP Converged Infrastructure Platinum, HP Software Platinum, Cloud Builder Gold, HP Helion OpenStack Center of Excellence, HP ServiceOne Expert, VMware Premier Partner, and Red Hat Advanced Partner.
A Passionate Leader Guiding the Voyage
Although initially, trained as an engineer, and after successfully helping noted financial institutions, newspapers, business leaders and the military for developing IT solutions and solving their complex technical challenges, John Iacone took the path of entrepreneurship. With the combination of technical, business and people skills, John discovered that he had a gift for developing innovative, one-of a kind solution that solve big problems and thus, he founded IIS. As CEO of IIS, he has cultivated and led an exceptional, growing team of specialists.
Committed to Excellence
IIS puts more trust in people working in the organization, by sharing the same values and vision as their employees. IIS is a very flat and non-bureaucratic organization, because they always recruit through values and spend an enormous effort in strengthening the same. Their unique nature of culture which includes clear values, honesty, loyalty, humility, and commitment to their community makes it a family feel for the employees. The team of experts at IIS is committed to excellence and has gained strong industry credibility by earning some of the most difficult IT certifications from top technology vendors.
Bringing the Right Resources to the Table
They work with you to build and implement technology strategies, solutions and integration that align with your business goals and maximize your business growth. Focused on technical solution excellence, their three to one technical ratio to sales shows their commitment to excellence. The company’s core belief is –“bring the right technical resources to the table to help solve customers’ problems and produce the expected business outcomes that help achieve the customers’ goals.”For that, they work as an extension to the customers’ team at both executive and technical levels.
Proficiency of the team coupled with Hands-on-Experience
With 27 years in business, IIS has developed an intimate understanding of the products they sell. Their hands-on experience and proficiency of their team brings animmense amount of added value to IIS’ customer base. If the companies are to stay competitive, then monitoring the latest happenings and market trends is not an option. Being well aware of the competitive advantage, IIS uses a variety of sources like Gartner, IDC and Wikibon to have a clear view of their heading and destination.
Future Goals
“Our next big step is to continue growing our business as we stay focused on executing the strategy and plan that is in place. As we work with more customers, we are learning about lines of business and industry solution use cases that will accelerate the adoption of Big Data Solutions. We are open to building this competency organically and or acquiring the knowledge when needed to support our customers,” asserts John about the company’s future plans.
They are making investments in a managed services business practice focused on helping and assisting their customers to go through a digital transformation while utilizing the private, public and hybrid cloud, and managing multi-cloud environments to meet the financial objectives of their customers from a financial Opex/Capex prospective.

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