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Aaron Gladman | CEO Card Services | Intercash

Intercash: Customized Global Payment Solutions for your Organization.

While most businesses were already trending towards a more digitized way of life, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has thrust the world into a digital revolution. All of this has only served to reinforce the online industry as more and more people begin to embrace e-commerce.
This pandemic has helped several people and businesses by forcing them to forego traditional payment methods in exchange for a more efficient and convenient solution. The online banking industry has gained significant traction during this pandemic, and it is believed this trend will continue even after the health crisis is under control.

“With a variety of customizable products and a turnkey solution for our clients, Intercash is proud to support businesses and financial institutions from around the world.”

Taking this significance into consideration, Intercash is providing clients with the products and services they need for success in the Banking industry. Intercash is the world’s leading provider of prepaid card payment solutions and technology, with over two decades of experience, innovation, and satisfied customers. Through PrepaidGate. their complete and secure payment technology, Intercash has not only pioneered the prepaid card industry across borders for a global reach, but also provides services in multiple languages and currencies alike.
Creating Prepaid Card Programs
Growing from a small business to the thriving company it is today, Intercash has come a long way over the years. It began offering card programs exclusively in Canada during the early 2000s but quickly grew into a global organization. Intercash now offers payment solutions on both the VISA and Mastercard networks, supporting North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America & the Caribbean.
The company recognizes that every client’s payment needs are unique and can vary depending on the vertical, the location of the company and many other factors. Its vision is to provide customized card programs, and other payment options that are designed to suit the needs of each particular client.
Managing the Payment Needs
Intercash offers a number of popular payment solutions for businesses and financial institutions, including reloadable cards, debit cards, virtual cards, and even wearable NFC products. More than just its product offering, Intercash stands apart from the competition with their ability to customize their solutions for each client’s unique payment needs.
Additionally, its ability to issue both Mastercard and VISA cards throughout the world gives Intercash a unique advantage over most competitors. Intercash also offers a full suite of card management APIs, allowing for cardholder-facing functionalities and user experience elements to take place in any third-party interface.
Complete and Secure Payment Technology
The ability to adapt with the times is critical to the success of any business. As today’s world continues to evolve as a result of modern technology, it is imperative for businesses to not get left behind. This is especially true when it comes to developing new payment strategies and solutions, as companies should be incorporating the latest innovative technology to stay relevant.
As the world becomes more accustomed to the convenience offered by modern technology, it will be more important for businesses to align themselves with these technological developments.
Pioneered the Prepaid Card Industry for Global Reach
Intercash has a unique proposition in the market of e-banking and digital banking solutions. With one simple API and turn-key solution, it enables digital banks to launch a VISA or Mastercard debit card solution in a matter of weeks and with minimal investment. Its clients are not required to invest in their own membership or processing solutions. With their connection to the company, they can extend global spending accessibility to all their clients’ accounts, while the company manages the card management behind the scenes. This enables Intercash’s clients to launch quickly and with minimal resources, and allows them to compete with the big players in the market.
Fully Customized Touch
Intercash manages to stay fresh by continuously diversifying into new industries, as well as investing in the latest technology to ensure their offer remains competitive and interesting. In addition, Intercash continues its roadmap to partner with digital innovators, creating great complementary products to support its solutions and territorial expansion.
A Proven Leader
With a deep passion for Fintech and quick learning of complex financial flows, Aaron Gladman is the CEO, Card Services at Intercash. Aaron is in the lead role in developing strategic relationships with key players in the prepaid payment space and responsible for Intercash’s new product development and global expansion initiative.
He establishes and maintains partnerships for creating new sales channels via payment platforms, gateways, networks, and brokers. Aaron guides the internal project management team, providing direction to design the framework for international prepaid card issuing programs in multiple countries and currencies.
Sharing his experience to up and coming leaders in the industry, Aaron says, “If I were to give any advice to a budding entrepreneur looking to enter the Banking industry, it would be to focus on the client experience. Some banks tend to forget this important rule of business, but it can make all the difference for your financial institution. This can be as obvious as offering the prepaid cards and debit cards client prefer, or something more subtle such as a branded banking portal for a seamless user journey”.
Services in Multiple Languages across borders
With over 20 years of experience in the Payments industry, Intercash has developed world-class expertise in payment management and services. It has become a global leader in card-issuing over the past two decades, providing turnkey services to countless businesses and financial institutions throughout the world.