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Intelligenza: S4B A Comprehensive Technical Solution Provider

Retrieving support from IT solution providers has become an industry norm for companies. However, it is a difficult task to find one that offers tailor-made services to fit best in the organization in order to enhance efficiency. In order to resolve these issues, Intelligenza provides one the best computer technical support to end users not only for software, but hardware and mobile devices too.
Founded in Mexico City, Intelligenza started by offering basic technical support and gradually grew to have web development and communications. It believes that Customer Care and a very good knowledge about the functions of the company is what keep the company as one of the best companies in these matters. It is rare to have a fluent knowledge of hardware and software at the same time. However, Intelligenza asserts to understand the responsibilities hardware and the software and knows when to execute them. According to Intelligenza, one of the best services it offers is staffing. The company is able to deliver the right personnel for companies where all the know-how on diverse areas of IT is present.
Relying On Word Of Mouth 
Intelligenza understands that one of the best rewards it has is the word-of- mouth recommendation. It believes that are so many companies that spend hugely on marketing campaigns to get better sales. However, Intelligenza has new customers all the time due to the word-of-mouth recommendation. To hear that the company was recommended for someone else by a customer who is satisfied with the services is rewarding. Intelligenza’s important customers are huge players in the market including Mazda, Toyo Tires, Marian, Buró de Crédito, Excis and many others that have been result of the good effort.
The Computer Genius 
Alvaro Santillana is the CEO of Intelligenza. He is a Computer Engineer who started his career in technical support. He worked for companies as Compuserve and AOL as beta tester and then as web programmer. As Computer Engineer he has the ability to move between the physical and the logical world of IT. Alvaro was IT manager in different sectors such as automotive, travel agencies, internet, human resources among others. He has gained experience using important systems including SAP, Salesforce, SQL, Linux, ASPEL, CVent, Sabre, Amadeus, etc. He found the opportunity to start his own company at 33 when he counted with 10 small customers who trusted in his skills. Even though Alvaro still prefers the technical support, he is focused on developing useful web applications for companies related to productivity and collaboration. Invoicing, Intranets and webservices (APIs) are some of the recent apps he has started.
Alvaro has comprehensive business/technical skillset and expertise in business process automation/management (BPM), enterprise application integration (EAI), process improvement, systems integration, requirements analysis, workflow design, project management, leadership, process modeling, testing/quality assurance, software development, customer service, project management, estimating, public (government, education, healthcare, and energy) and private sectors, and vendor relationships.
Dynamic Upgrades 
One important thing in IT is to be updated all the time. Companies have no choice but to have learned new things as fast as they can. With the concepts like Big Data, bitcoins, petabytes, etc, the industry cannot depend on books as other specialties do. They have to take instant information directly from the Internet.
The other big challenge, especially in Mexico is staffing and salary. Intelligenza has to find the most qualified personnel for the best price. That includes being fluent in English and have proved expertise. The company believes that Mexico is not prepared to pay the right price for this kind of people however it has been lucky since it has taken young professionals who are encouraged to learn and have commitment.
Potential Markets to Tap 
Web development has become a spearhead for Intelligenza’s professional growing. The company sees a worldwide market to deliver remote development or even staffing to settle new business for companies that are looking to sell their products or services in Mexico. It also finds similarities in countries like Brazil, Peru, Colombia or Chile where it can participate in developing eLearning or financial services. The company is an attractive market for countries like United States, UK, Canada, and Germany.
Riping Hardwork 
“Intelligenza is a very talented IT group and never leave a problem unresolved. It is very easy to work with them and they render fast and high quality results. They constantly update their knowledge and I know that I can trust them on state of the art hardware and software challenges” – Mazda
“Intelligenza is very knowledgeable in all areas concerning information technology. When we worked together, they were in charge of supervising a robust network and their skills proved to be extremely effective. I still consult with Intelligenza whenever I have any need relating to hardware, software, networking or technology issues. It is a pleasure to work with them as they truly enjoy what they do, and relate to people in a pleasant, efficient and professional manner” – Travel Agency
Source: Major League of IT Consulting And Staffing Solution Providers 2018