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InteliSys: Helping Airlines Grow

The rapidly changing aviation industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world. Passenger expectations are constantly evolving, the way people browse and book trips is changing, and the way airlines measure value is different than it used to be.
InteliSys Aviation Systems is an established leader in airline passenger reservation and cargo management software with their ameliaRES and ameliaCARGO products. Since 1987, InteliSys has focused on providing cutting-edge IT solutions to airlines of all sizes and all business models. At first, InteliSys was entirely technology-focused. Now, years later, they are completely passenger and airline focused. They used to see themselves as builders of software, now they view themselves as enablers of passenger and airline experiences; creators of experiences rather than creators of software.
It is important to the InteliSys team to find new ways of making passengers happy, while encouraging growth and financial success for their airline clients. Because of this, the company takes an outside-in view of the industry; looking at trends and finding solutions to better serve passengers, versus looking at emerging technologies and finding a reason to apply them at an airline.
About the Leader
Frank Kays is the CEO of InteliSys. He is incredibly passionate about airline passenger experiences. He has been involved in the aviation industry, in various capacities, for the past 20 years. During that time, Frank has had the pleasure of working with more than 80 airlines of all sizes and business models.
“I continue to be inspired by the airlines I am privileged to work with on a daily basis, some who have been with InteliSys for the 30+ years we have been around.
Today, what really excites me, is creating an exceptional passenger experience. There are so many opportunities in this space to make things better; better for our airlines, the communities they operate in, and the travelling passengers.
At InteliSys, our motto is ‘Never Settle’ and we see so much opportunity to put that phrase into action; by making sure our airlines are in all markets globally, that they are selling everywhere, and that they are not leaving revenue on the table,” asserts Frank about his inspiring commitment to improving the passenger experience and growing airlines.
Hybrid Airline Provider of Choice
One major trend that InteliSys has observed in the industry is consolidation. With private equity money flowing into their space, there has been a push for providers to own the entire vertical stack of software. This is a trend that InteliSys is not following.
InteliSys has decided to take a best-of-breed approach; focusing on their core products and their area of expertise: passenger and cargo solutions. Through this approach, they are able to bring a complete solution to their airlines that best suits each of them, rather than trying to impose a full-stack on their requirements and unique business models. The company is excited to be one of the few left in the industry using this strategy. Their open platform gives airlines the freedom to do more, and allows them to partner with other world-class systems that bring in maximum value for their airlines.
The team at InteliSys has many years of experience helping some of the world’s best low cost carriers (LCCs) to grow, and have dived into working with legacy carriers the past few years. This has helped them to develop premier features for supporting LCC and legacy airline models at the ideal price point. They are able to provide hybrid airlines with the tools they need to build anything they want, and the capacity to continue changing their offerings to fit their unique business plans as they grow. InteliSys is incredibly confident that their customized, open system solution brings the best of all worlds together and fits hybrid airlines better than any other solution.
Helping Airlines Lift Off
InteliSys has seen a tremendous shift in the industry in the way airlines are selling, which has caused them to really zero in and focus on helping their airlines maximize the lifetime value of their passengers. In order to create loyal passengers for life, it is crucial that airlines develop and offer unique passenger experiences. To help their airlines with this, InteliSys is focused on providing customized features for each airline that help them to thrill their passengers and grow their sales channels around the world.
In the words of InteliSys CEO, Frank Kays “to be sold everywhere, you need to be seen everywhere.”
The InteliSys team knows that in order to thrive in a competitive industry, airlines must have visibility not only where they know their customers are, but more importantly where their customers are currently not.
Frank goes on to say, “about 70% of your customers know where you are and know the routes you fly. What is important is getting in the face of those other 30% of potential customers and making sure they buy those seats that otherwise would not have been sold.”
The company’s priority is helping their airlines grow, minimizing the empty seats on their airplanes, filling their inventories, and ultimately assisting them in creating happy and loyal passengers.
Never Settle: The Future at InteliSys
The InteliSys team feels very lucky to work with incredible airlines around the globe, who are leading their markets, growing their communities, and raising the bar in the airline industry. It is with the success and growth of their airline clients in mind that InteliSys is fuelled to continue to get better.
The company’s motto is “Never Settle” and they live this every day. They know that to be world-class today, does not guarantee that they will be world-class tomorrow. They are determined to keep thinking of new ways to create exceptional passenger experiences and aid in their airline client’s ongoing successes, while continuing to drive change both internally and in the market.
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