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Integrity in Betting will Revolutionize the Industry

Many a time, betting as a practice has been vilified, while as a business, there have been various massive attempts to paint it as an income generator and a key sector in the world economy. The tussle between those who think it is a disruptive practice and those who feel it should be given a chance to blossom has been very pronounced.

However, one field that is regularly being explored is the aspect of introducing high integrity standards in the practice to enable it to grow as a business and for leisure. Looking at betting as a pastime is always the best way to ensure there is integrity in the practice and a lot of bookies have been making moves towards making their sites not only safe but compliant with the set legal standards that govern the betting industry.

For a user, as a first measure, it is always key to ensure that the bookie one chooses is not only safe but also legal. One cannot overlook such important aspects, and that is also why there are a lot of reviews around, targeting the major players in the betting industry to guide on such; for example, if checking whether Bet365 is safe and legal in the UK, one can simply see the rating of Bet365 through experts’ reviews on Cheekypunter.

Illegal betting

Illegal betting is not only detrimental to the business of betting, it also exposes the user to risks that go beyond fraud. To curb such in the industry should be a first priority for all players in the betting field. From the business end, regulatory compliance is a first key step towards ensuring integrity in the industry. The bookies that comply with the local, regional and international regulations are the ones likely to avoid sanctions that come with illegal betting activities because of their transparency in such approaches. Such sites come with verified licenses, and these are among the initial features users must look out for. A valid license is the first shield for a user to know they are dealing with a legit betting site and the chances of being scammed are low or completely non-existent. Such sites are often open to oversight, and they promote responsible gambling practices.

Responsible gambling

Responsible gambling, in a big way, prevents underage users from engaging in betting on the sites, as well as accessing betting promotions and advertising materials. For obvious reasons, protecting children should be a priority, as betting comes with potential harm.

All over the world, depending on the regional definition of a child, the legal age for gambling is set at least 18 years. Any individual younger than that would be considered naïve and lacking the maturity to take on the risks and consequences that come with gambling.

Vibrant safeguarding is required to prevent potential harm and especially the addiction that could come with underage betting. Early exposure to betting has been listed among the major causes of addictive gambling and this is also associated with mental disorders that could be caused by either losses or big wins when not mature enough to understand. It is, therefore, crucial that betting companies encourage integrity in all dealings.