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Integrated Technology Group (ITG): Transforming Education with EduWave® e-Learning Platform

Founded in 1989, Integrated Technology Group (ITG) is a leading international technology company that has a presence in over 20 countries worldwide with offices in the USA, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Botswana, ITG passionately designs and develops innovative and cutting-edge technological solutions to empower people, communities, and organizations around the world. In 1999, ITG proudly designed and developed the comprehensive e-learning and education management platform EduWave® which serves more than 15 Million users over 50 Thousand education institutes.
The global award winning education platform, EduWave®, which assists K-12 and higher education institutes, is one of the most powerful educational solutions that seamlessly integrates Student Information System (SIS) and Learning Management Systems (LMS) along with communication and collaboration (CC) in one cloud-based platform to create scalable and quality education.
EduWave® (LMS) goes above and beyond traditional (LMS) systems, with tools that allow educators to emphasize individualized learning and the Common Core Standards, improving graduation rates and ensuring that students are meeting the Common Core Standards without abandoning the current standards. EduWave®’s innovative learning standards approach provides the ability to link lessons, assessment questions, images, multi-media, and more to specific learning standards that align with the Common Core Standards as well as other state-specific or school standards. This, along with EduWave®’s SmartTeacher™, personalized learning plans, adaptive learning, and BookZero™ tools, empowers educators to offer personalized instruction while still aligning with the specific standards of their area.
The multi-modal platform offers several programs to students and executives through online modules and video lectures. Various video platforms are streaming across the globe to share informative lectures by teachers.
EduWave® (CC) opens the lines of communication between members of the school and the entire district, and with tools like notifications, bulletin board, and multi-level calendar, sharing information with the entire school or district becomes much easier. It makes information easily accessible to all the stakeholders in the educational ecosystem. School messages or important event updates can be shared with the educational community at the opportune time. The popularity of teaching assistance methods has ramped-up in no time with the advent of content and authoring tools, such as BookZero™ and EduPedia™ to easily create engaging online learning environment. Interactions and collaborations between educators, learners, and users at all levels have never been easier using synchronous and asynchronous communication and collaboration tools, such as EduSession™, which facilitate sharing, teamwork, and above all, foster creativity and boost motivation.
EduWave® (SIS) provides administrators with all the necessary tools for district and institution administration, registration and enrollments, report cards, transcripts, reports and statistics for monitoring student performance and overall school/district performance. EduWave®’s intelligent reporting helps administrators to ensure that the school is progressing in the right direction based on real live data and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as set by the school/school district.
Information management is not only important to make sure administrators don’t mislay important information, but it can also make the entire school/district administration process  more efficient and effective. With administrative tools and management tools provided by the system, EduWave® (SIS) makes data management and organizational tasks much easier.
EduWave® (SIS) also complies with Federal data collection and State reporting requirements for reporting at local, state, and national levels.
All these features sustain that EduWave® is a platform designed to accommodate the non-stop evolution and development of the e-learning community, and is always prepared to transform itself to meet the new trends and demands of e-learning on any level of the educational system, whether it is the K-12 system or higher education.
The continuous development of EduWave® to meet the newest trends in e-learning has resulted in the release of Version 4.0 of EduWave®, which includes new exciting features and enhancements based on user experiences with appealing interfaces specifically designed to suit each grade level. In addition, EduWave® provides an unmatched platform accessibility and flexibility that can be customized to any school and budget. Schools can use the combined solution or choose to use a specific functionality that can seamlessly integrate with other systems or third-party applications.
Driving Force of ITG America
Adam Berns is Managing Director, ITG America since July 2017. Before Integrated Technology Group (ITG), Mr. Berns was the Chief Operation Officer of BrainRush; an educational games company he co-founded with “Atari” Founder Nolan Bushnell.
Mr. Berns has started several other technology companies including Neural ID, a pattern recognition neural network company and Hiwire, an audio advertising insertion company.
Mr. Berns has led the customization of EduWave’s fully integrated SIS, LMS, Communications and Collaboration, and ERP solutions into the American market, and has spearheaded ITG’s foray into Asia and Latin America.
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