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Instagram Reels as an effective promotion method

Nowadays, building social capital and engaging audiences are the main goals online entrepreneurs are fighting for. People don’t stop at the opportunity to buy Instagram followers instantly and are engaged deeply in new promotional tools. Today, one should not deny the importance of videos in working with an audience and, therefore, Instagram Reels, which can be a useful tool for increasing the involvement and promotion of your account. 

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How does the format of Reels work?
Technically, Reels is a similar version of a TikTok format: a time duration is up to a minute with the possibility to overlay music, effects, and editing. Reels has several advantages over other content formats and over TikTok.
Reels has its own reach and recommendation feed. It is shown not only to your subscribers but also to people who do not follow you. This is a huge opportunity for receiving a stream of the target audience for free.
Reels, unlike Stories, remain in your account forever, and you can add them to both Stories and Feed. Now Instagram is testing a new format when it will be possible to automatically make Reels from a series of Stories. This is an opportunity to multiply the reach.
Reels are used for several tasks: attracting a new audience, contacting an existing audience in warm-up format, and forming video content in your feed. 
How to build sales in Reels?
There are four main criteria by which the Reels algorithm works. Firstly, the depth of views is taken into account. The longer people watch your video, the clearer for Instagram that people are interested. An effective way to increase the percentage of views is to make a promise at the beginning and then fulfill it—intrigue in the first seconds and voice the problem that a person will solve by watching this video.
The current video format requires to be concise and specific. Emotions play an important role as the more energy in videos is reflected, the more magnetic it affects people.
The second factor is activity: the number of likes, comments, and other content units. Calling for action at the end is appropriate to stimulate such actions. This is an important element of direct interaction with the audience that impacts Instagram algorithms. Try to use a variety of contest mechanics, most often comment contests, in order to stimulate activity. You can increase the account popularity instantly and buy real Instagram followers. This will increase your credibility and start the natural scalability process.
Try to do accent on the professional approach of content. Reels don’t recommend low-quality videos. The quality drops after processing the application, so try to minimize the number of intermediate steps.
Among the topics for Reels, the expert format and educational content exist in priority. The market is full of people who prefer to get important information quickly and concisely. Opposition within the framework of actual topics, such as active and passive investment, is another working method that does not leave indifferent supporters of both parties.
In terms of promotion, always follow the trends because they offer great opportunities.