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Inspired Change Solutions: Developing Customized Solutions for Clients

With its resolute focus on consulting in business process re-engineering and automation, Inspired Change Solutions (ICS) was founded back in 2002. From its very inception, the company realized that information technology can have a great impact on the productivity of companies and save valuable time. One of the core motivations of ICS were to move qualified people away from time-consuming, data capturing, and report compiling, instead helping them focus on the analysis of data. This empowered management to make informed decisions, which resulted in greater efficiencies.
ICS developed customized solutions for many listed companies, and in the process, it has established long-term relationships with many of its customers.
Choosing the Preferred Industry and Path Breaking Products 
ICS understands the fraud and risks involved in the procurement process. It is passionate about removing risks for the company and the temptation for the employees by ensuring the required internal controls and segregation of duties are implemented. Additionally, the organization also understands the stringent requirements surrounding budgets, thereby ensuring that the budget is directly linked to the approval process.
Inspired Change Solutions has developed its own proprietary software solutions in Business Intelligence and Business Process Automation. Both of which have proven to be of great value in the procurement process for its clients. ICS’s software solution – PICS – can bring together multiple parties on a single platform. The solution allows clients, internal staff, and suppliers to collaborate regarding required needs, available solutions, and services, prices and time frames on a single platform. These allow the procurement process to become more accurate and faster with cost savings.
Thanks to PICS, the procurement process is completely automated, resulting in time savings and the reduction of the workload that is often associated with procurement processes. PICS automates the procurement process by controlling the workflow through segmentation of duties but also allows for internal risk management as needed per client. The solution also allows the management of various suppliers and the rating of suppliers, thereby creating a history of supplier performance that can be passed from one person to the next and even from one department to the next. PICS also provides for multiple customers and suppliers to be connected as the need arises.
PICS is designed with three key strengths, including

  • It can be adapted to the procurement needs of various companies’ by changing the configuration.
  • It is web-based, cloud-based and mobile-based, making it scalable; this way, more and more users can be added very easily.
  • It automates the process so that the workflow between suppliers, staff, and clients is easily set out and tracked. Goals can be set and performance can be monitored. It also allows for internal control measures to be included. 

A Visionary Leader 
Phillip De Jager, CEO, and Founder of Inspired Change Solutions is a true visionary who led the company to what it is known as today. His main target was to assist companies in re-engineering and automating business processes. Prior to ICS, he worked for various large corporates, during which he saw them struggling with the bureaucracy of heavily loaded procurement processes. His passion to see processes being automated came into fruition through the PICS software solution. Phillip has successfully grown ICS to scaling heights, which now include multiple divisions and has successfully developed multiple software products that have proven to be the inspired change that many companies need.
Delivering Broader Results Through Path Breaking Solutions 
ICS’s procurement solutions have introduced renewed mindsets within the companies that it has helped to date. The company has seen greater efficiencies and cost savings. Adding to all that, ICS has witnessed many effective control measures through automation.
Inspired Change Solutions has a vision of centralized procurement solutions across company borders and even the creation of supplier portals for specific industries. This can include public rating and pricing. This kind of collaboration will play a big role in speeding up procurement approval and minimizing risk by ensuring its clients are working with reliable suppliers.
Tackling Initial Ups and Downs 
Working with a solution like PICS has allowed ICS to learn and grow with each client. As it is a flexible solution it can easily be adapted to the client and supplier needs as required. Customers are so used to working in a set way that when Inspired Change Solutions presents what PICS can do for them, it is hard for the customers to believe that the procurement process can become so streamlined and effective at the same time. The time and cost savings seem almost impossible in an old mindset.
Future Roadmap 
Nowadays companies are sitting on large amounts of unexplored valuable data. Data science will play a big role in mining for the gold in data. Thanks to the tried and tested techniques and tools coupled with massive experience in multiple industries, ICS can easily find gold from data where others see dust. The ICS methodology makes business intelligence systems easier, more accessible and more effective by simplifying and integrating services into a standard platform. This not only allows companies to save money but to be more efficient and have better control.