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Insly: Making Insurance Easy to Understand, Manage and Buy

Since decades from now, Insurance industry has been operating manually, and streamlining insurance agents and brokers was a tough task to handle. To provide a solution to this dilemma, Insly rolled out a cloud based insurance software for agents and brokers, enabling them to manage sales from start to finish and administrate all insurance policies. With over a decade of experience in insurance services and software development, Insly with its SaaS is making insurance easy to understand, manage and buy for both service providers, as well as end users.
Insly is a spin-off from IIZI Group – most successful insurance broker group in CEE region since 2000. Insly’s core team consists of the founders and key employees of IIZI Group, who have contributed towards revolutionising the insurance business with their innovative and business focused IT solutions.
Making Insurance Handling a Simple yet Powerful Procedure
Insly is marching ahead with its innovative SaaS software. The features which make them outshine the crowd are: –
Easy to Use Interface
Searching and managing clients, policies, objects and payments were never an easy task. But with Insly’s SaaS software not only this, but also sales workflow (proposal, acceptance, policy, payment) is made very easy for the clients as well as for the salespersons.
Easy Customization
With Insly, getting started is quick and easy – the way it should be. Customise your insurance software interface by adding your logo and selecting a colour scheme to make Insly like your own. No need to worry about development time and costs, just click and you are good to go.
Online Cloud Storage
Insly’s web based software is available anywhere and anytime. No need to worry about hosting, backups or other software management related problems.
MGA Software: Insly’s Trump Card to Revolutionize the Insurance Industry
Getting your innovative insurance products to market has never been easier! But with Insly, it’s a dream come true. MGA software can support client’s distribution needs in various ways.
Empowering the Broker Network
MGA Software provide brokers the ability to quickly quote and bind the products. But why stop there? With Insly MGA software brokers can have their own complete system with policy and customer administration, customer invoicing and their own MI reports.
You set the rules, we make it happen.
Sell from the Web, Manage in Insly
Have a good front end customer experience, but lack the admin and MI capabilities? Maybe it’s time to put two and two together and integrate your web sales with Insly. At Insly they are always happy to discuss connecting to your existing web-sales facility or building one according to your needs.
Risto Rossar: An Ardent Leader
Risto Rossar, Founder and CEO of Insly, is an insurance innovator and investor. He founded the biggest and one of the most innovative insurance business in 3 Baltic Countries and in addition to managing Insly, Risto is making investments in the insurance sector (and some non-insurance) companies. Under Risto’s leadership Insly achieved the title of being the only global SaaS solution for insurance brokers and agents. Insly offers its solutions to their clients regardless where they are situated, whereas most of their competitors are offering their solutions in a selected country. This helps Insly to stand apart from its competitors.
The industry structure is shifting, but as of now it’s not at all decided which participants – insurers, brokers, agents or reinsurers – stand to gain and which ones end up losing. Some things are certain though. Only the digital will survive. And in the new world, it’s not about big eating the small anymore, it’s the fast eating the slow.– Asserts, Risto.
Insly’s USPs
Insly not only renders a robust and powerful SaaS software platform, but also it is easy to use and has a beautiful user interface. It has a very wide functionality for customers to quote and buy, understand policy administration, accounting, claims etc all in one system. It is a cloud based SaaS solution of a unique kind, and adds the possibility of making company and country specific customizations.
What Client’s Speak about Insly
“We choose to work with Insly because of their willingness to adjust the platform to our specific requirements that are essential for us in everyday business.” – Kelly Sims, Operations Development Manager at Signature Underwriting.
“We chose to partner with Insly because they could build us a trading platform that’s fully in line with our strategy – allowing the broker to control their sales and operations”. – Scott Brown, Managing Director of Accelerate Underwriting Limited.
“Insly have deployed their platform to a variety of clients operating in different classes and countries giving us comfort that they understood the broader insurance business and the challenges in moving towards IT-enabled operating models.”– Tempo Underwriting.
Insly’s Values
Openness and honesty are the much sought after values of Insly. At Insly they trust their employees and give them the total flexibility to work when and how they want, and they believe that, this is the only way to get the best results out of high performers.With a dedicated team of extraordinarily talented employees, Insly is looking forward to have a meaningful impact on the digitalization of insurance industry and to expand and be the major technology provider in several countries.

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