You are currently viewing Insights, Success, and Leadership: Unveiling the Beauty of Europe Family Office Investment Summit – Written by Victoria Kennedy

Insights, Success, and Leadership: Unveiling the Beauty of Europe Family Office Investment Summit – Written by Victoria Kennedy

The serene and picturesque backdrop of Lake Como provided the perfect setting for the Europe Family Office Investment Summit, where leaders and visionaries from the realms of wealth management and technology converged. As a moderator, I had the privilege of guiding insightful panels and engaging in a captivating fireside chat, delving into the transformative power of Web3, the world of cryptocurrencies, and the evolving landscape of family offices within the tech perspective.

Nestled amidst the enchanting allure of Lake Como, the event was an intersection of knowledge, innovation, and leadership. It was absolutely beautiful, and in this article I want to provide a recap about my experience.

Beauty and Function

The Lake Como event was absolutely beautiful, bringing together minds from diverse realms. It was so professional from organization to realization. Even though we were talking about something as serious as wealth management and preservation, it was in such a relaxing and atmospheric setting, right on the serene waters of Lake Como.

I feel so honored that I got to moderate some of the panels, because they were about areas of interest that not only do I find fascinating, but I think are very important for the future of family offices and the world.

Distinct Discussions

The first panel that I was able to moderate was called the Changing Face of Real Estate Investment. I was fortunate enough to get to interview Aida Feriz, Executive Director, Wimmer Family Office, Jan-Christoph Homann, Managing Director, SAM Capital Partners, and Antonio Borgonovo, CEO & Founder, YELDO Group. These three individuals are titans and industry legends.

We discussed what the changes currently happening in the real estate industry post-pandemic and what Covid-19 did to the market in Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas. One poignant point made was how the war in Ukraine is affecting the region as well. It was an eye opening discourse that was very interesting for everyone in attendance, and I was honored to receive welcome discussions from people who were in the audience afterwards about the topic.

Next I sat down with Oliver Thommen, The Head Sales Institutions, Masttro EMEA, Switzerland, to interview him on stage about Wealth Technology for Family Offices. We discussed why wealth tech is so important for someone like myself who is heavily involved in the crypto investment space and how the technology available today not only helps with wealth organization but also preservation.

I felt right at home during our captivating conversation, able to dive deeper into a topic for which Thommen and myself both have such passion.

Of course, this is a perfect segway to talk about the third panel I moderated. It was my absolute favorite because it had all to do with Web3, crypto, and the changing evolution of family offices in the light of shifts of the internet and, of course, the welcome reception of Web3.

While it was formally called a panel, it was more of a fireside chat. Just me and Ibrahim Alkurd, Founder, Lavaliere Capital Management (LCM), USA, sitting down together and having a one-on-one exchange for 40 minutes on the subject. It was honestly magical. We went back and forth with the questions of how Web3 is affecting family offices and how it is affecting investing overall — from an individual perspective up to the corporate level.

Web3 is such an expansive subject, so we talked about everything from which cryptocurrencies are the best in which to invest, what one should look for in terms of rug pulls and scams, to how family offices can protect themselves and investors so that they are only investing in the best projects.

We also delved into what to look for that is coming up on the Web3 scene, the Blockchain, and the rise of AI. We looked at how those things are going to — and already do — help family offices, not only in terms of what to invest in but also how investing technologies are burgeoning on efficiency and growth like never before. It was incredible.


Based on my discussions with other attendees during the event, I think everyone got a lot of value and benefit from being there.

As I was listening to and participating in conversations both on and off stage, people around me loved the way that the Europe Family Office Investment Summit was put together, how beautiful and professional it was. They couldn’t wait to attend the next event, and, personally, I emphatically echo those sentiments.

I cannot wait to be part of the next summit put on by Alea Global Group and look forward to moderating, MC’ing, and hopefully singing at one in a country near you.

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